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Nutrition, Neuroscience & Mental Health Quiz


High levels of vitamin C can help with which aspect of our mental health?

A. Mood swings

B. Depression

C. Panic attacks

D. Confusion

In Spain, how many people over the age of 15 have been diagnosed with a mental health problem? (Anxiety, depression, and insomnia are among the most common conditions.)

A. one in 2 people

B. one in 20 people

C. one in 10 people

D. one in 5 people

What is not a macronutrient?

A. Carbohydrates

B. Protein

C. Minerals

D. Good fats

Which of these combinations produces healthy levels of vitamin C?

A. Eggs and meat

B. Vegetables and fresh fruit

C. Diary products

D. Chocolate and doughnuts

Which of these foods is considered one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat?

A. Onions

B. Carrots

C. Corn

D. Garlic

Green beans are high in vitamin K. What does vitamin K help reduce?

A. Depression


C. Anxiety

D. (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What is the system in our gut that is also known as our second brain?

A. Entrepid Nervous System

B. Entire Nervous System

C. Enteric Nervous System

D. Emperic Nervous System

Our guts and brain are physically linked and communicate via which nerve?

A. Nagus Nerve

B. Magus Nerve

C. Vagus Nerve

D. Savage Nerve

Which of these hormones is not a ‘happy hormone?’ It does not promote a good mood?

A. Dopamine

B. Seratonin

C. Cortisol

D. Oxytocin

How many people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England?

A. 1 in 4 people

B. 1 in 5 people

C. 1 in 6 people

D. 1 in 8 people


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