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The vagal system includes the following, except:

A. VI cranial nerve

B. Cranial portion of XI cranial nerve

C. IX cranial nerve

D. X cranial nerve

The most superficial muscle in the posterior trunk

A. Semi-spinalis

B. Longissimus

C. Multifidus muscle

D. Rotatores and suboccipitalis

These muscles separate the neck into the posterior and anterior triangle. It is also protects the great vascular and nerve trunks:

A. Sternocleidomastoid

B. Sternohyoid

C. Levator Scapulae

D. Scalenes

This cranial nerve has NO connection with the parasympathetic system





Facets of thoracic spine are oriented in what plane?

A. Frontal

B. Sagittal

C. Horizontal

D. Transverse

The following statements are true of trigeminal neuralgia, except:

A. A small trigger zone may set off painful paroxysm

B. Attacks of severe pain may last several minutes at time

C. Attacks of severe pain over the distribution of one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve

D. Etiology is unknown

By placing the finger just under the zygomatic arch and over the ramus of the mandible, the superficial part of this muscle may be palpated when the subject bites down:

A. Medial Pterygoid

B. Masseter

C. Temporalis

D. None of these

The external jugular vein is found at the:

A. Submandibular Triangle

B. Posterior triangle of the neck

C. Anterior triangle of the neck

D. Carotid Triangle

A facet oriented in the sagittal plane allow what motion?

A. Gliding

B. Flexion-extension

C. Lateral flexion

D. Rotation

Branch of Facial Nerve innervating the lacrimal gland:

A. Temporal

B. Zygomatic

C. Petrosal

D. Chorda Tympani

Neck side flexion isometric movements is the a test for muscles innervated by roots:

A. C3-C4

B. C1-C2

C. C5-C6

D. C4-C5

The strongest extensor of the lumbar spine is strengthening up from a forward flexed bending position is the:

A. Multifidus

B. Longissimus

C. Rotatores

D. Quadratus Lumborum

The line fusion between the external oblique is called:

A. Linea alba

B. Inguinal ligament of poupart

C. Aponeurosis

D. None of these

Rotation around the vertical axis occur in this plane, and divides the body into upper and lower parts:

A. Horizontal plane

B. Sagittal plane

C. Frontal plane

D. Transverse plane

Bandage muscle wrapping around other neck muscles

A. Sternocleidomastoid

B. Trapezius

C. Splenius

D. Serratus anterior

NOT an important crutch walking muscle

A. Anconeus

B. Latissimus Dorsi

C. Pectoralis Major

D. Middle trapezius

Point at the root of the nose where the frontonasal suture crosses the median plane:

A. Nasion

B. Nasal septum

C. Lambda

D. Bregma

What is the test position of a fair or better lower trapezius muscle testing?

A. Prone with arm over the head

B. Prone with the arms 90 degrees abduction

C. Sitting with the arms overhead

D. Supine with arms over head

Expulsive form of cough requires which of the following muscles to contract most forcefully:


B. Diaphragm

C. Scalene

D. Abdominals

Which of the following is true about external intercostals?

A. When present with the internal intercostals, the external intercostals will act in expiration only

B. Assists in forced expiration

C. Has fibers that are slanted downward and backward

D. Does not show any activity during normal, quiet breathing

This muscle is innervated by the facial nerve, except:

A. Risorius

B. Masseter

C. Frontalis

D. Mentalis

Intervertebral discs are located between vertebral bodies from:

A. C1-S1

B. C1-L5

C. C2-L5

D. C2-S1

If the motor root of the trigeminal nerve is injured, paralysis occurs in:

A. Masseter

B. All of these

C. Tensor Tympani

D. Posterior belly of digastric muscle

Posterior border of the posterior triangle of the neck:

A. Trapezius

B. Sternocleidomastoid

C. Splenius Capitis

D. Scalene

The superficial group of the muscles of the back includes:

A. Serratus Posterior

B. Levator Scapulae

C. Longissimus

D. Splenius Capitis


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