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Food and Nutrition Quiz


Carbohydrates food are mainly from the food group

A. Fats and oils

B. Vegetables

C. Staples

D. Legumes

Which label shows the place where digested food passes into the blood?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

What does the organ labelled X do?

A. It mixes up food with acid and breaks down proteins

B. It adds vitamins to the food

C. It takes the water out of the food

D. It stores waste food until it can be got rid of

A nutrient found in many foods is:

A. carbohydrate

B. energy

C. potato

D. carbon dioxide

Good sources of protein are:

A. meat, fish and nuts

B. fruits and vegetables

C. pasta, potatoes and rice

D. fruit juices

Which organ is labelled X in the drawing?

A. small intestine

B. stomach

C. liver

D. mouth

Someone’s diet is:

A. what they eat to lose weight

B. what they eat

C. the amount of money they owe

D. measured in kilograms (kg)

Starch is broken down into smaller molecules called:

A. salts

B. proteins

C. sugars

D. amino acids

All of these are examples of nutrients except

A. Carbohydrates

B. Protein

C. Legumes

D. Vitamins

What is used to test a food for starch?

A. iodine solution

B. Benedict’s solution

C. a piece of paper

D. sugar

The main chemical substances used to digest foods are:

A. vitamins

B. bacteria

C. digestifs

D. enzymes

The table shows Reference Intakes for

11 year olds. Which nutrient do girls need more of than boys?

A. vitamin C

B. iron

C. energy

D. carbohydrate

Digested food mainly passes into the blood by the process of:

A. diffusion

B. diffraction

C. digestion

D. dilution

Diffusion is speeded up because the part of the body where it occurs:

A. has a much higher temperature than the rest of the body

B. has a very large surface area

C. contains blood

D. contains faeces

How many nutrients are there in all?

A. 6

B. 5

C. 4

D. 3

Butter, cheese, eggs and bacon are all rich sources of

A. Vitamins

B. Minerals

C. Fats

D. Carbohydrates

Our bodies need food as a fuel for:

A. nutrition

B. respiration

C. excretion

D. combustion

You have a balanced diet when:

A. the mass of all the food you eat in a day adds up to 100 kg

B. the mass of all the food you eat one day is equal to the mass you eat the next day

C. you eat foods containing the right amounts of all the different nutrients

D. you only eat fish on Fridays

Which of these people will need to eat food containing the most energy in a day?

A. a 3-year-old child

B. an 85-year-old woman

C. a 35-year-old man who works outside cutting down trees

D. a 25-year-old woman who works in an office using a word processor

Protein help to

A. Give the body nutrients

B. Provides the body with food

C. Build and repair body tissues

D. Helps to prevent the body from getting sick

Which of these problems cannot be caused by eating too much sugar?

A. malnutrition

B. obesity

C. tooth decay

D. starvation

The drawing shows a girl suffering from a deficiency disease. This disease is called:

A. rickets

B. arthritis

C. scurvy

D. measles

All of these are rich sources of carbohydrates except

A. Green banana

B. Corn

C. Carrot

D. Yam

Water is important for your body because:

A. it is a source of fibre

B. it is a source of energy

C. it can be a solid, a liquid or a gas

D. it can dissolve substances

What is the definition for nutrients?

A. Chemical substances found in food

B. The study of nutirnts and their relationship with food and the body

C. All the food you eat on a daily basis

D. The state of the body being free from illness or injuries


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