Teeths Quiz


Which type of tooth is the picture representing?


(b) Molar

(c) Canine

An adult has ___ teeth.

A. 42

B. 32

C. 22

without teeth we will have a problem in

A. eating the food

B. writing in the book

C. walking to the class

The pulp at your teeth contains ______, which send messages to the brain if your ice pop is too cold.

A. blood vessels

B. nerves

C. brain waves

D. none of the above

This skull belongs to which kind of animal:
A.     Meat eater
B.     Eats both plant and meat
C.     Plant eater

What is pink and helps hold our teeth in place in our mouths?

A. gum

B. tongue

C. cheeks

D. lips

What is the correct order of arrangement of teeth from front to back of the mouth?

A. Incisors, Canines, Premolars, Molars.

B. Canines, Premolars, Molars, Incisors.

C. Incisors, Premolars, Canines, Molars.

In order to keep teeth strong and healthy you should always brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing what?

A. fluoride

B. calcium

C. antibacterial

D. none of the above

How many teeth does a three year old child have

A. 24

B. 16

C. 28

D. 20

You should use a dental rinse along with brushing and flossing to remove plaque.



What is the part of the tooth you can see above the gum?


(b) Pulp

(c) Cavity

The shape of the teeth of animals is an adaptation for

A. the kind of food they eat.

B. the place they live in.

C. the size of their body.

These teeth are big and strong to help you grind food so it can be swallowed.

A. wisdom teeth

B. canines teeth

C. molars teeth

D. premolar

What eats away the enamel of the tooth?

A. water

B. acids

C. None of the above

What cause tooth decay?

A. age

B. cavities

C. hygiene

What is the function of canines?

A. Tearing

B. Cutting

C. Grinding

D. All of the above

What hard, tough, and shiny substance covers the teeth?

A. wax

B. diamond

C. keratin

D. enamel

What kind of teeth do babies have?

A. primary

B. permanent

Is this food is good for our teeth? Why?
A.     Yes, because is is delicious, sweet and cool
B.     No, because it can cause germs multiply and decay our teeth

This type of tooth is very broad and good for grinding to paste

A. Canines

B. Molars

C. Incisors

The cavity becomes painful when

A. It touches the enamel.

B. It touches the pulp.

C. It touches the dentine.

A special doctor who looks after teeth is called what?

A. dentist

B. cardiologist

C. hygienist

Which types of feeding level belong to these teeth?
A.     carnivore
B.     omnivore
C.     herbivore

This is a cross section of a human tooth. The ‘X’ is a _____
A.     dentine
B.     enamel
C.     gum

The letter A is pointing to what type of teeth?

(a) Incisors

(b) Premolars

(c) Molars

(d) Canines


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