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Urinalysis/ Immunology Make up Quiz


The immune system makes all antibodies and they can be used on any foreign antigen they are not specific.



If an individual is given a vaccine for a disease then that individual now has_______________immunity

A. innate

B. natural

C. acquired


These cells are;

A. Caudate

B. Transitional

C. Renal

D. Squamous

Immunity provided by T lymphocytes;

A. Humoral

B. Cell mediated

C. innate

D. auto immune

If you see hyaline cast in a urine sample this is always considered abnormal.



The __________________top tube is collected for the ____________________department.

A. grey/immunology

B. red/urinalysis

C. red/immunology

D. gray/chemistry

A bilirubin urine test is found in the;

A. Physical Examination

B. Chemical Examination

C. Microscopic Examination

D. Cultural Examination

If you know the ph of a urine sample you will be able to better identify the ________________in the urine sediment.

A. cells

B. crystals

C. artifacts

D. cast

The ability to remember an antigen long after the initial exposure is called the;

A. T cell memory

B. anamnestic response

C. innate response

D. natural response.

The liquid portion of blood collected in a tube with an anticoagulant is called;

A. plasma

B. serum

C. whole blood

D. sediment

The Specific Immune Response involves these three steps in the correct order;

A. Memory.Specificity, Recognition

B. Specificity, Memory, Recognition

C. Memory, Recognition, Specificity

D. Recognition Specificity Memory

The chemical examination of the urine was positive for blood so these are ________________.

A. squamous cells

B. caudate cells

C. wbc cells

D. rbc cells

A differentiated B lymphocyte that produces antibodies;

A. monocyte

B. neutrophil

C. eosinophil

D. plasma cell

The________________are in the _________________category

A. rbc/cell

B. bacteria/ microorganism

C. yeast/ microorganism

D. yeast/cell

—————-are foreign substances that induce an immune response causing the body to produce ________________

A. Antibodies/Antigen

B. Antigens/Antibodies

C. Antigen/lymphokines

D. Antibodies/Cytokines

This is a __________________cast

A. hyaline

B. squamous

C. amorphous

D. waxy

Immunity provided by B lymphocytes;

A. Humoral

B. Cell mediated

C. auto immune

D. innate

The__________________top tube is collected for the ______________department.

A. red/hematology

B. gray/immunology

C. red/ immunology

D. red/urinalysis

All of the following are granulocytes except;

A. neutrophils

B. lymphocytes

C. eosinophils

D. basophils

The major categories of things found in a microscopic urine include all except;

A. microorganisms

B. cast

C. cells

D. antibodies

The crystal is __________________and the cells around it are__________________

A. Cystine/wbc

B. Cystine/squamous

C. Cystine/rbc

D. Tyrosine/rbc

When you see trichomonas in a urine microscopic you must report them as the number/hpf.



All of these are Immune organs in our body except;

A. Thymus

B. Peyers Patches

C. Tonsils

D. Liver

Children are born with _______________immunity that they receive from their________________.

A. passive/ father

B. acquired/mother

C. passive/mother

D. acquired/father

This is _______________________and it is a __________________’

A. cytosine/ crystals

B. hair/artifact

C. rbc/cells

D. Ammonium biurate/ crystal


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