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Nutrition in Humans and Animals Quiz


The sticky layer containing food particles, saliva and bacteria is called

A. Plaque

B. Caecum

C. Rumen

The pseudopodia close to form a small cavity called

A. Food vacuole

B. Caecum

C. Contractile vacuole

The part of the tooth embedded into the jaw is

A. Neck

B. Crown

C. Pulp Cavity

D. Root

Ruminants have a large sac-like structure called

A. Caecum

B. Rumen

C. Cud

The undigested food is thrown out of the body of amoeba through

A. Contractile vacuole

B. Pseudopodia

C. Food Vacuole

The partially digested food in ruminants is called

A. Cud

B. Rumen

The finger-like projection on the inner wall of the small intestine are called

A. Villi

B. Oesophagus

C. Taste buds

What does the liver secrete?

A. Bile Juice

B. Pancreatic Juice

Bile juice is stored in the Pancreas?



The part of the tooth outside the gums is called?

A. Crown

B. Neck

C. Enamel

Human dental formula is

A. 2123 / 2123

B. 1232 / 1232

C. 2312 / 2312

What is the name of the cellulose digesting bacteria present in ruminants?

A. Escherichia

B. Bacillus

C. Listeria monocytogenes

The digestion that occurs outside the cells is called

A. Intracellular Digestion

B. Extracellular Digestion

C. Rumination

Which is the strongest part of our body?

A. Enamel

B. Bone

C. Dentine

We have how many molars in both the jaws?

A. 12

B. 6

C. 8

Our stomach is made up of

A. Muscles

B. Villi

C. Micro-villi

Which among the following is not a part of the alimentary canal?

A. Buccal Cavity

B. Stomach

C. Small Intestine

D. Taste Buds

Which among the following isn’t a process involved in nutrition process?

A. Ingestion

B. Absorption

C. Digestion

D. Inhalation

Mosquitos, Butterflies and some other insects live on

A. Liquid Food

B. Blood

C. Water

The process by which soluble molecules present in the digested food passes into the body fluids like blood is called

A. Assimilation

B. Absorption

C. Digestion

D. Egestion


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