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Muscle pathophysiology Quiz


What toxin produced by another bacteria is the cure for late stage tetanus?

A. Clorox

B. Botox

C. Ammonia

D. None of the above

Tetanus is caused by the bacteria….

A. Clostridium tetani

B. Varcella zoster

C. C.diptheria

D. None of the above

What is Tetanus also known as?

A. Cradle Jaw

B. Colic

C. Lock Jaw

Tetanus has an impact on the muscular system and the nervous system



The toxin of late tetanus creates…

A. Rampant coughing

B. Muscle relaxation to the point of flaccid paralysis

C. Muscle spasms to the point of paralysis

D. None of the above

a pulled, stretched, torn muscle/tendon

A. strain

B. sprain

C. fracture

D. contusion

Muscle remains contracted due to overuse, lack of water, or lack of oxygen

A. Strain

B. Sprain

C. Cramp

D. Pulled Muscle

Can you vaccinate against Influenza and Tetanus?

A. Yes

B. No

occurs when tendons become inflamed or torn

A. strain

B. Muscular Dystrophy

C. Tendinitis


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