Medical Quiz

Health and Medicine Quiz


Blue, brown or purple mark that you get from a fall, being hit by somebody, or knocking against something.

A. bruise

B. blister

C. rash

D. purpleton

What kind of doctor works with bones?

A. Cardiologist

B. Dentist

C. Gastroenterologist

D. Orthopedist

How does your body feel if you have a fever?

A. too hot

B. hungry

C. too heavy

D. healthy

How many bones are there in the skull?

A. 21

B. 22

C. 23

D. 24

Which of these is a basic first aid procedure?

A. Cleaning and bandaging a cut

B. Putting a cast on a broken arm

C. Getting an x-ray of a swollen finger

D. Popping a dislocated shoulder back into place

What is the correct term that is used when a doctor explains what illness or health problem you have?

A. Cure

B. Virus

C. Diagnosis

D. Bacterial Infection

What kind of doctor specializes in working on children?

A. Cardiologist

B. Dentist

C. Gastroenterologist

D. Pediatrician

Cords made of tough tissue that hold bones and muscles together are called

A. Tendons

B. Ligaments

C. Joints

D. Synovial Fluid

A long strip of cloth that you wrap around a part of the body that has been hurt to protect it, or after a sprain.

A. bandage

B. vending

C. wrapper

D. mummy skin

Which of the following things can be contagious?

A. an ache

B. a flu

C. luck

D. a sprain

What should you take if you get a prescription?

A. a virus

B. a home remedy

C. medicine

D. an x-ray

What kind of doctor works with the heart?

A. Cardiologist

B. Dentist

C. Gastroenterologist

D. Orthopedist

What is a common tool surgeons use during surgery?

A. Hammer

B. Scalpel

C. Tweezers

D. Pliers


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