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Hormones Quiz


Oxytocin hormone is secreted during pregnancy.
It is also known as?

A. Sleepy hormone

B. Aggressive hormone

C. Happy hormone

D. Craving hormone

Excessive secretion of GH can cause?

A. Hyperthyroidism

B. Gigantism

C. Dwarfism

D. Diabetes Mellitus

What is the stimulating hormone?

A. Hormone that regulates the secretion of other hormones

B. Hormone that stimulates all the hormones

C. Hormone that act direcly on target tissues/ organs

What is the hormone secreted by hypothalamus?

A. TSH hormone

B. ACTH hormone

C. GnRH hormone

D. FSH hormone

What is the target tissues/ organ for Antidiuretic (ADH) hormone?

A. Kidney tubule

B. Uterine muscles

C. Ovary

D. Pancreas

What is the hormone secreted when we are in an emergency or a ‘fight or flight’ situation?

A. Adrenaline

B. Aldosterone

C. Thyroxine

D. Insulin

What is the function of ADH hormone?

A. To stimulates the production of milk

B. To stimulates the reabsorption of water

C. To stimulates the adrenal cortex to secrete hormones

D. To stimulates ovulation

‘Stimulates the development of secondary sexual characteristics in the male and spermatogenesis’
Name the organ and hormone.

A. Testis, testosterone

B. Testis, progesterone

C. Testis, glucagon

D. Ovary, testosterone

Disease caused by excessive secretion of thyroxine.

A. Diabetes Insipidus

B. Hyperthyroidism

C. Hypothyroidism

D. Dwarfism

What is the hormone that stimulates:

– ovulation
– development of corpus luteum
– secretion of oestrogen & progesterone

A. FSH hormone

B. TSH hormone

C. GnRH hormone

D. LH hormone

Luteinizing hormone (LH) is to…

A. Stimulates growth, protein synthesis and fat metabolism

B. Stimulates thyroid to secrete thyroxine

C. Stimulates the reabsorption of water

D. Stimulates the secretion of testosterone

What is the hormone that helps to:
– stimulates the development of follicles in the ovary
– stimulates spermatogenesis

A. GH hormone

B. Antidiuretic

C. Insulin

D. FSH hormone

Pancreas secretes 2 types of hormone. Name them.

A. Insulin, glucagon

B. Insulin, glucose

C. Thyroxine, glucagon

D. Aldosterone, insulin

Insulin is secreted when…

A. The blood glucose level is high after we eat

B. The blood glucose level is low after we eat

C. The blood glucose level is low after we exercise

D. The blood glucose level is high after we exercise


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