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Dermatology Vocabulary Quiz


ther; Strange

A. all/o-

B. blephar/o-

C. rhytid/o-

D. sebace/o-


A. cold

B. cancer

C. connective tissue

D. sensation


A. adip/o-, lip/o-

B. cutane/o-, cut/i

C. sebace/o-, seb/o-

D. esthes/o-

The combining form kel/o- means ________.

A. tumor

B. tearing

C. lice

D. scrape off

Which word parts do you need to build a medical word that means “skin (that is) dry”?

A. -graft, all/o-

B. -itis, dermat/o-

C. -osis, cyan/o-

D. -derma, xer/

sensation; feeling

A. esthes/o-

B. onych/o-

C. lacer/o-

D. integu/o-

Which of these combining forms means “dead cells; dead tissue; dead body”?

A. necr/o-

B. cutane/o-

C. seb/o-

D. ungu/o-

The suffix -dactyly, as in polydactyly, means ________.

A. abnormal condition of the skin

B. condition of fingers, condition of toes

C. process of reshaping by surgery

D. platelike structure


A. scrape off

B. rays of sun

C. cancer

D. wrinkle


A. erythemat/o-

B. sudor/o-

C. xanth/o-

D. theli/o-

The combining forms onych/o- and ungu/o- both mean ________.

A. fingernail, toenail

B. itching, scratching

C. below, underneath

D. hair, follicle

Divide the medical word microdermabrasion to find the word part that means “scrape off.”

A. abras/o-

B. -ion

C. micr/o-

D. derm/o-

rays of sun

A. abras/o-

B. actin/o-

C. rhytid/o-

D. sarc/o-

The word erythematous divides into what word parts?

A. -matous, erythema/o-

B. ery-, them/o-, -atous

C. -tous, erythr/o-, mat/o-

D. -ous, erythemat/o-


A. cyan/o-

B. erythemat/o-

C. esthes/o-

D. sarc/o-

The combining form prurit/o- means ________.

A. rash

B. itching

C. skin

D. layer

The combining form albin/o- means ________.

A. color

B. pigment

C. white

D. absent


A. carcin/o-

B. contus/o-

C. cyan/o-

D. cry/o-

Which two combining forms mean “nail”?

A. lip/o- and adip/o-

B. derm/o- and diaphor/o-

C. pil/o- and trich/o-

D. ungu/o- and onych/o-

The combining form ungu/o- means ________.

A. “oil gland; sweat gland”

B. “skin”

C. “fingernail; toenail”

D. “dermis”

The meaning of “guarding; protecting” refers to the combining form ________.

A. lip/o-

B. sensitiv/o-

C. phylact/o-

D. cutane/o

The combining form integument/o- means ________.

A. protection

B. integument

C. to cover

D. skin

The combining form_______________means “bruising”

A. wart/o-

B. -rrhage

C. contus/o-

D. rhytid-


A. blephar/o-

B. carcin/o-

C. ecchym/o-

D. erythemat/o-


A. contus/o-

B. carcin/o-

C. blephar/o-

D. esthees/o-


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