Medical Quiz

Dermatology Vocabulary Quiz



A. adip/o-, lip/o-

B. cutane/o-, cut/i

C. sebace/o-, seb/o-

D. esthes/o-


A. contus/o-

B. carcin/o-

C. blephar/o-

D. esthees/o-


A. carcin/o-

B. contus/o-

C. cyan/o-

D. cry/o-


A. cold

B. cancer

C. connective tissue

D. sensation


A. hirsut/o-

B. kel/o-

C. necr/o-

D. xer/o-

The combining forms adip/o- and lip/o- both mean ________

A. mouth

B. sin

C. layer

D. fat


A. cyan/o-

B. erythemat/o-

C. esthes/o-

D. sarc/o-

Which word parts do you need to build a medical word that means “skin (that is) dry”?

A. -graft, all/o-

B. -itis, dermat/o-

C. -osis, cyan/o-

D. -derma, xer/


A. scrape off

B. rays of sun

C. cancer

D. wrinkle

The combining form ungu/o- means ________.

A. “oil gland; sweat gland”

B. “skin”

C. “fingernail; toenail”

D. “dermis”

The suffix -dactyly, as in polydactyly, means ________.

A. abnormal condition of the skin

B. condition of fingers, condition of toes

C. process of reshaping by surgery

D. platelike structure

The combining forms onych/o- and ungu/o- both mean ________.

A. fingernail, toenail

B. itching, scratching

C. below, underneath

D. hair, follicle

Divide the medical word microdermabrasion to find the word part that means “scrape off.”

A. abras/o-

B. -ion

C. micr/o-

D. derm/o-

rays of sun

A. abras/o-

B. actin/o-

C. rhytid/o-

D. sarc/o-

Which two combining forms mean “nail”?

A. lip/o- and adip/o-

B. derm/o- and diaphor/o-

C. pil/o- and trich/o-

D. ungu/o- and onych/o-

sensation; feeling

A. esthes/o-

B. onych/o-

C. lacer/o-

D. integu/o-


A. blephar/o-

B. carcin/o-

C. ecchym/o-

D. erythemat/o-

The combining form prurit/o- means ________.

A. rash

B. itching

C. skin

D. layer

The meaning of “guarding; protecting” refers to the combining form ________.

A. lip/o-

B. sensitiv/o-

C. phylact/o-

D. cutane/o

blood in tissues

A. ecchym/o-

B. esthes/o-

C. rhytid/o-

D. sebace/o-

The combining form kel/o- means ________.

A. tumor

B. tearing

C. lice

D. scrape off

The combining form albin/o- means ________.

A. color

B. pigment

C. white

D. absent

Which of these combining forms means “dead cells; dead tissue; dead body”?

A. necr/o-

B. cutane/o-

C. seb/o-

D. ungu/o-

The combining form integument/o- means ________.

A. protection

B. integument

C. to cover

D. skin

The combining form_______________means “bruising”

A. wart/o-

B. -rrhage

C. contus/o-

D. rhytid-


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