Life Processes Quiz


Which structures open and close stomata to allow gas exchange but prevent water loss in leaves?
A. Epidermis
B. Vascular tissue
C. Guard cells
D. Spongy mesophyll

Diffusion is a major method of transport of materials in

A. tall plants

B. unicellular plants

C. Multicellular plants

D. Both (b) and (c)

Which is NOT a function of the Digestive System?
A. To rid the body of solid waste
B. Absorb nutrients for energy & growth
C. Break down nutrients from food
D. Pump blood around the body

A. Pumps blood to the body

B. Pumps blood to the lungs

C. Receives blood from the body

D. Receives blood from the lungs

It is the site of gaseous exchange in human lungs.

A. villi

B. alveoli

C. trachea

D. larynx

The main nitrogen-containing waste excreted in urine by humans is

Number 5 is pointing to the…

A. Liver

B. mouth

C. Pancreas

D. Stomach

Transpiration is
A. the movement of water through a plant from the roots up the stem
B. the loss of water from the leaves of a plant by the process of evaporation
C. the flow of water into plant roots by osmosis from the soil
D. the process of minerals and sugars moving through plant veins

Whats the main function of the lymphatic system?

A. removes extra fluid from tissues and returns it to the blood stream

B. cleans the body

C. takes fluid from capillaries

Oxygen is carried out by hemoglobin and the RBCs



what is the largest artery

A. radial

B. aorta

C. ulnar

D. femoral

During the Leaf Starch Test, the Bunsen burner must be turned off once the water heated because

A. The leaf will over cook

B. All the water will evaporate

C. Iodine is flammable

D. Ethanol is highly flammable

What are the products of photosynthesis?
A. Carbon dioxide and water
B. Carbon dioxide and oxygen
C. Glucose and oxygen
D. Glucose and water

The plant tissue that carries food materials DOWNWARD from the leaves to the rest of the pant is the ______.
A. Phloem
B. Stomata
C. Chlorophyll
D. Xylem

Ascent of sap in plants takes place through

A. Cortex

B. Epidermis

C. Xylem

D. Phloem

what does a ventricle do

A. force blood out

B. let blood in

C. exchange gases

D. remove waste

What is the green pigment that “traps” sunlight?

A. Chlorophyll

B. Chloroplasts

C. Photosynthesis


left side of the heart is high in

A. O2

B. CO2

C. N

D. H

Gastric juices in the stomach digest food into a thick liquid.  This is…
A. Mechanical digestion
B. Chemical digestion

a. add iodine to the leaf
b. boil leaf in water
c. boil leaf in alcohol
d. rinse leaf in water
The correct sequence used to test a leaf for starch from the steps above is:

A. a b c d
B. b c d a
C. c d a b
D. d c a b

Functional units of food absorption are-

The presence of starch in a leaf is proof that:

A. Respiration has taken place

B. Photosynthesis has taken place

C. Reproduction has taken place

D. The leaf will be delicious

The role of plants in a food web is 
A. consumer
B. decomposer
C. predator
D. producer

It helps us to digest our food. It’s in vegetables and fruit.

A. fats

B. fibre

C. carbohydrates

D. protein

what is the function of arteries

A. take blood to heart

B. take blood away from heart

C. take blood to colon

D. take blood to brain


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