Medical Quiz

Life Processes Quiz


The direction blood is carried through the superior vena cava
A. afferent
B. efferent

Largest artery in the body.

A. Artery

B. Capillary

C. Vein

D. Aorta

As waste moves through the digestive system, the ______ absorbs water before storing waste in the rectum.
A. Small intestine
B. Stomach
C. Esophagus
D. Large intestine

Most photosynthesis occurs in this part of the leaf:

A. upper epidermis

B. cuticle

C. palisade layer

D. spongy layer

Number 2 is pointing to the…
A. Esophagus
B. Stomach
C. Small intestine
D. Anus

In unicellular organisms like amoeba gaseous exchange takes place through the process of ____________.

A. osmosis

B. transportation

C. diffusion

D. elimination

Name the tubes Which connect the Kidneys tothe urinary bladder

A. Urethera

B. Nephron

C. Tubule

D. Ureteres

Blood is pumped from the heart to the entire body by

A. Aoarta

B. Pulmonary artery

C. Pulmonary vein

D. Vena cava

What is #2?
A. Kidney
B. Ureters
C. Bladder
D. Urethra

What is the green pigment that “traps” sunlight?

A. Chlorophyll

B. Chloroplasts

C. Photosynthesis


what is the function of the veins

A. take blood toward heart

B. take blood away from heart

C. remove waste

D. take blood to stomach

The cells utilize glucose to produce energy

A. Nutrition

B. Excretion

C. Respiration

D. Homeostasis

how is blood pressure created

A. force of blood against artery wall

B. force of blood in the heart

C. force of blood in the lungs

D. force of blood in the goodwin

The main nitrogen-containing waste excreted in urine by humans is

Living things need air to breathe. Which characteristics related to this statement

A. Movement

B. Growth

C. Respiration

The continuous contractions and relaxations of the digestive organs is called

A. peristalsis

B. photosynthesis

C. expansion

D. constriction

what happens in coronary circulation

A. circulation to the heart

B. circulation to the body

C. circulation to the lungs

D. circulation to small intestine

____________ is the final product of glycolysis.

A. carbon dioxide


C. Pyruvic acid

D. acetyl coA

The valve present between right atrium and right ventricle.

A. tricuspid

B. bicuspid

C. pulmonary

D. aortic

Animal don’t produce their own food.They can eat meat and plant. What is the category of animal that only eat plants.

A. Carnivore

B. Herbivore

C. Omnivore

Waste products are eliminated during perspiration.

A. Circulation

B. Homeostasis

C. Excretion

D. Metabolism

what happens in pulmonary circulation

A. circulation to the lungs

B. circulation to the body

C. circulation in the heart

D. circulation to the brain

Deficiency of which nutrient leads to this disease?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin D

C. Vitamin C

chloroplasts are present in the ___________ of the leaf.

A. palisade parenchyma

B. aerenchyma

C. sclrenchyma

D. collenchyma

What type of respiration requires oxygen?
A. Aerobic
B. Anaerobic


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