Medical Quiz

Life Processes Quiz


What is the green pigment that “traps” sunlight?

A. Chlorophyll

B. Chloroplasts

C. Photosynthesis


What type of respiration does not require oxygen?
A. Aerobic
B. Anaerobic

The functional unit of the kidneys which includes the glomerulus, Bowman’s capsule and the Loop of Henle.

A. arteriole

B. veinule

C. alveoli

D. nephron

what happens in systemic circulation

A. circulation for the entire body

B. circulation in the heart only

C. circulation heart and lungs

D. circulation to digestion system only

Which is NOT a function of the Digestive System?
A. To rid the body of solid waste
B. Absorb nutrients for energy & growth
C. Break down nutrients from food
D. Pump blood around the body

One of the following is not an enzyme of digestive system.





Which structures open and close stomata to allow gas exchange but prevent water loss in leaves?
A. Epidermis
B. Vascular tissue
C. Guard cells
D. Spongy mesophyll

The role of plants in a food web is 
A. consumer
B. decomposer
C. predator
D. producer

The upward movement of water from Roots to stem is called

A. Transpiration pull

B. Translocation

C. Ascent of sap

D. Evaporation

Which structure helps prevent water loss and protects the leaf?
A. Palisades mesophyll
B. Spongy mesophyll
C. Vascular tissue
D. Cuticle

How do water enter the roots from the soil?

A. diffusion

B. osmosis

C. transpiration

D. active transport

Which of the following structure is where cellular respiration occurs in the cell?

A. nucleus

B. cytoplasm

C. mitochondria

D. vacuoles

The trachea divides into two smaller tubes called ______.

A. Trachea

B. Bronchi

C. Alveoli

D. Bronchioles

In unicellular organisms like amoeba gaseous exchange takes place through the process of ____________.

A. osmosis

B. transportation

C. diffusion

D. elimination

One of the following is not an enzyme of digestive system.

Number 2 is pointing to the…
A. Esophagus
B. Stomach
C. Small intestine
D. Anus

Storage form of glucose molecules (C6H12O6) in plant is-

A. Starch

B. Cellulose

C. Glycogen

D. Glucagon

Upper chamber of the heart. Receives blood from the body & lungs.

A. Atrium

B. Artery

C. Ventricle

D. Valve

the human body produces hormones, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, etc. to keep it functioning.

A. Homeostasis

B. Regulation

C. Circulation

D. Metabolism

what happens in coronary circulation

A. circulation to the heart

B. circulation to the body

C. circulation to the lungs

D. circulation to small intestine

what is the largest artery

A. radial

B. aorta

C. ulnar

D. femoral

Animal don’t produce their own food.They can eat meat and plant. What is the category of animal that only eat plants.

A. Carnivore

B. Herbivore

C. Omnivore

What type of respiration requires oxygen?
A. Aerobic
B. Anaerobic

Which equation shows the reaction for anaerobic respiration
A. carbon dioxide + water –> glucose and oxygen
B. glucose + Oxygen –> lactic acid and energy
C. glucose + oxygen –> carbon dioxide and water and energy
D. glucose –> lactic acid and energy

The destination of blood in the pulmonary artery is the
A. right atrium
B. left atrium
C. lung
D. peripheral tissues


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