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EMR - Trauma Quiz


Which is the correct technique to react for nosebleeds injury?

A. A

B. B

C. A and B are correct

D. A and B are incorrect


A. Structure where two or more bones are joined.

B. Excessive stretching and tearing of muscles or tendons.

C. Splint or other methods to keep an injured body part from moving.

D. Method to allow movement to an injured area.

The circulation of blood within an organ or tissue in adequate amounts is:

A. Homeostasis

B. Hypoxia

C. Ischemia

D. Perfusion

The bones found in the arm and thigh are examples of:

A. long bones

B. short bones

C. hands and feet

D. irregular bones

Bones broken in several places are classified as:

A. angulated

B. comminuted

C. sprain

D. fracture

According to the Rule of Nines, an adult leg is worth:

A. 18

B. 9

C. 4.5

D. 1

The mechanism that causes the crushed tissues and fractures found in a patient struck by an auto is:

A. direct force

B. indirect force

C. twisting force

D. rotational force

The best way to give first aid to a person with head injury is by _____________________ and observe the victim closely.

A. giving 5 times back flow

B. compressing chest 30 times

C. giving 2 breathing rescue

D. stabilizing the head and neck

What is the percentage surface area of a child’s head?

A. 4.50%

B. 9%

C. 18%

D. 36%

The result of force to the body that causes injury without penetrating the soft tissues.

A. Blunt trauma

B. Penetrating Trauma

Blood leaks into an affected muscle compartment ->

A. Then drains out through another compartment

B. Rise in interstitial compartment pressure

C. Lymph fluid flows OUT of the affected compartment

Open fractures

A. Fracture that leaves the skin unbroken.

B. The gradual weakening of bones.

C. A break or disruption in bone tissue.

D. Fracture that leaves the skin broken.

A 35-year-old male suffers a burn injury to his right upper extremity, with areas appearing pale and mottled, non-blanching, though still sensate. What is the type of burn injury described?

A. Superficial burn

B. Superficial partial thickness burn

C. Deep partial thickness burn

D. Full thickness burn

E. Full thickness burn involving fascia/muscle/bone

In an explosion, people are injured by flying debris; what type of injuries have they sustained?

A. Primary blast injuries

B. Secondary blast injuries

C. Tertiary blast injuries

D. Miscellaneous blast injuries

Epidermis is the:

A. tough, external layer.

B. inner layer.

When performing the first aid on a person with suspected ______________ injury, avoid bending, flexing or twisting the person’s head or neck.

A. upper limb

B. lower limb

C. pelvis

D. spine

The most effective way to stop a non-severe bleeding from a wound is to apply _______________

A. direct pressure

B. water flow

C. antibiotic

D. lotion

Black, foul-smelling, tarry stool.

A. Melena

B. Hematemesis

C. Hemoptysis

D. Epistaxis

An injury to a joint in which the bone ends become separated from each other is called a(n):

A. dislocation

B. angulation

C. sprain

D. fracture

Your awareness and concern for potentially serious underlying and unseen injuries.

A. Mechanism of injury

B. Nature of illness

C. Differential Diagnosis

D. Index of suspicion

Muscle injuries resulting from overstretching or overexertion of the muscle are called:

A. sprains

B. strains

C. dislocations

D. sublocations

What is the treatment for Compartment Syndrome?

A. Urgent fasciotomy

B. Amputation

C. High dose antibiotics

D. High dose anti-coagulants


A. Tissue that contracts and relaxes to create movement.

B. Tissue which allows the body to cool after a workout.

C. Fibrous band that holds bones together at a joint.

D. Fibrous band that regulates atrophy.

Contusion is also called:

A. Hematoma

B. Epistaxis

C. Coagulation

D. Bruise

Tissues or fibers that cause movement of the body parts or organs are called:

A. periosteum

B. muscles

C. cartilage

D. tendons


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