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A Treat For Mosquitoes Quiz


Who eats mosquitoes’ larvae?

A. bird

B. frog

C. fish

Which one of the following disease is spread by a housefly?

A. Malaria

B. dengue

C. dysentery

Ronald Ross got the nobel prize in the year

A. 1900

B. 1905

C. 1902

What grows in the pond water?

A. algae

B. plants

C. tree

The word malaria means

A. bad air

B. bad water

C. pure water

How much blood is needed to test malaria?

A. 2-3 drops

B. half a syringe

C. full syringe

Malaria is spread only by

A. anopheles male

B. anopheles female

C. houseflies

What is the minimum amount of haemoglobin required in our body?

A. 8 mg

B. 10 mg

C. 12 mg

Anaemia is caused by the deficiency of

A. calcium

B. iron

C. vitamin A

mosquitoes breed in the

A. river

B. sea

C. stagnant water

What does a mosquito do when it bites us?

A. it pinches us

B. it bite off a piece of flesh

C. it sucks the blood from our body

Ronald ross got the Nobel prize for

A. physics

B. medicine

C. chemistry

From early times which tree bark was used to prepare medicine for malaria?

A. teak

B. kadamb

C. cinchona

In which season is malaria more common?

A. summer

B. winter

C. monsoon

food rich in Iron

A. jaggery, banana, spinach

B. curd, milk, paneer

C. fish, egg

Which instrument is used by the doctor to test the malaria patient’s blood?

A. x-ray machine

B. microscope

C. weighing machine

Which symptom is shown by a person suffering from malaria?

A. indigestion

B. fever

C. stomach pain

What happens to the children who suffers from anaemia?

A. become thin

B. become very fat

C. do not grow well

Which one of the following is a symptom of dysentery?

A. indigestion

B. loose motion

C. vomiting

How much blood is needed to test for anaemia?

A. 2-3 drops

B. half a syringe

C. blood is not required


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