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Cell Theory and Cell Organelles Quiz


Which choice is NOT part of the cell theory.

A. All organisms are composed of cells.

B. Cells are the basic unit of life.

C. All cells come from previous cells.

D. Cells are always the same size and shape.

The _____________ is a gel-like fluid that fills plant and animal cells. It holds the organelles in place and gives each cell its shape.

A. Cytoplasm

B. Cell Membrane

C. Cell Wall

D. Chloroplast

Directs all cell activities through the DNA located there.

A. Lysosomes

B. Nucleus

C. ribosomes

D. Mitochondria

The _____________ holds the DNA, and controls the functions of eukaryotic cells.

A. Nucleus

B. Nuclear Membrane

C. Mitochondria

D. Chloroplast

What organelle stores waste and water in both plant and animal cells?

A. Lysosomes

B. Golgi Complex

C. Vacuoles

D. Endoplasmic Reticulum

This organelle is a rigid outer layer that protects plant cells.

A. Cell Membrane

B. Cell Wall

C. Nucleus

D. Chloroplast 

This organelle controls what goes in and out of plant and animal cells.

A. Cell Wall

B. Cell Membrane

C. Chloroplasts

D. Cytoplasm

Name two organelles that are only found in plant cells.

A. Cell wall and chloroplasts

B. Cell wall and nucleus

C. Chloroplast and mitochondria

D. Cell membrane and ribosome

An organelle that captures energy from the sunlight in order to use it to produce food in plant cells is ______________.

A. Chromatin

B. Chloroplast

C. Cytoplasm

D. Cell Membrane

What cell part is NOT found in all cells?

A. Cell Wall

B. Cell Membrane

C. Cytoplasm

D. Genetic Material

Cell membranes are found in

A. Only animal cells

B. Only plant cells

C. Some plant and animal cells

D. All plant and animal cells

What happened that allowed cells to be studied?

A. Cells increased in size.

B. Scientists began to work together.

C. Scientists became smarter.

D. The microscope was invented and improved.

This scientist was the first to identify cells and name them:

A. Hooke

B. Leeunwenhoek

C. Schleiden

D. Virchow

Which organelle is only found in a plant cell? 

A. nucleus

B. chloroplast

C. mitochondria

D. cell membrane

The _____________ stores food, water, wastes, and other materials in both plant and animal cells.

A. Vacuole

B. Mitochondria

C. Cytoplasm

D. Nucleus

What can only be found in plant cells?

A. Cell membrane

B. Vacuole

C. Chloroplast

D. Mitochondria

What is a benefit of the development of the cell theory?

A. Cells have made microscopes improve.

B. There are less biologists today.

C. There is more diseases on Earth now.

D. Scientists now know much more about cells and bacteria, which allows them to better treat disease.


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