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Macro and Micro Nutrients Quiz


No Food has every Vitamin or Mineral. This is why we need to eat a…..

A. lot of each.

B. give up and eat potato chips.

C. go our to restaurants for variety.

D. eat a balanced diet.

This nutrient helps keep your bones and teeth strong

A. vitamins

B. carbohydrates

C. Minerals

D. Fats

Vitamin C is important because…

A. It keeps the immune system healthy

B. Provides the body with energy

C. Improves eye health and vision

D. Reduces the risk of brittle bones

Micro Nutrients are made up of Vitamins and Mints



Fiber is important for:

A. Running

B. White Teeth

C. Digestion

D. Healthy Hair

Fiber is a type of which nutrient? 
A. Non Caloric
B. Protein 
C. Fat
D. Carbohydrate 

The role of fibre is to

A. Strengthen teeth and bones

B. Keep the digestive system healthy

C. Provides the body with energy

D. Repairs muscle and tissues

Which fat is the healthiest fat to consume in your daily diet?
A. Unsaturated Fat
B. Saturated Fat
C. Trans Fat
D. Butter

What is the purpose of Carbohydrates? 
A. To make sure you sleep well
B. To get your vitamins in
C. To provide energy 
D. To elevate insulin levels 

Macronutrients are made up of:

A. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats

B. Vitamins’ A, B and C

C. Meat, Chocolate, Butter

D. Are not good for you.

The substances in food that your body needs to grow, have energy, and stay healthy are called?
A. Nutrients
B. Proteins
C. Vitamins
D. Carbohydrates

To help our seleves to be healthy, Matt suggests:

A. “Run every single day for at least 5 kms.”

B. “Don’t be perfect, just try to be better tomorrow”.

C. “Make sure you count every calorie you are eating”.

D. “Play as many video games on Nutrition as you can!”

Seafood is a type of protein.
C. Maybe

True or False:  Water is essential to every body function you have.  

When trying to ensure that you are getting all the proper nutrients,

A. try to make sure that each meal is represented by a variety of colours.

B. try to make sure that each meal is represented by a variety of food groups.

C. try to change your meals regularly so that your body is getting a variety of nutrients daily, weekly and throughout the year.

D. all of the above.

Fish, nuts, oils and avocado are healthy sources of….
A. Fiber
B. Protein
C. Minerals
D. Fat

These help your body fight diseases

A. protein

B. carbohydrates

C. vitamins

D. minerals

What is the purpose of Protein?
A. It’s a building block for muscles
B. It’s a chemical that turns your hair yellow
C. It’s a building block for getting sick
D. It’s used to block energy use


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