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Plasmid Quiz


The term molecular scissors generally refers to

A. DNA polymerases

B. RNA polymerases

C. Restriction endonucleases

D. DNA ligases

Name the antibiotics resistant gene present in pBR322.

A. kanamycin

B. streptomycin

C. tetracycline

D. chloramphenicol

A cloning vector must have

A. Promoter

B. Selectable marker

what is plasmid?

A. genetic material

B. selfreplicating extrachromosomal genetic material

C. double stranded DNA

D. Genetic material of a Virus

what is origin of replication ?

A. place of origin

B. sequence of genome where replication stars

C. where DNA are formed

D. Where RNA are formed

The foreign DNA is cloned at

A. Anywhere in the vector

B. At a unique restriction site

C. Both 1 and 2

D. None of the above

In cloning vector, the antibiotics resistant gene are used

A. As sequences from where replication starts

B. To keep the cultures free of infection

C. As selectable markers

D. To select healthy vectors

What are the features of good cloning vector?

A. high number of recognition site

B. very few number of recognition site

A cloning vector must possess?

A. ori

B. selectable marker

C. both of above

D. non of these

What are selectable marker ?

A. a radium labelled marker

B. thick pen

C. resistant gene

D. a type of protein

Selectable marker are used to?

A. Differentiate b/w trasnformant and non transformant

B. highlight writeen text

plasmid pBR322 is developed by

A. Beadle and Tatum

B. Watson and Crick

C. Bolivar and Rodriguez

D. Jacob and Monad


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