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Acute Responses to Exercise Quiz


Minute ventilation =

A. Breathing rate x stroke volume

B. Breathing rate x tidal volume

C. HR x stroke volume

D. HR x tidal volume

Which of the following helps enable enough oxygen be delivered to the muscles?

A. Increased cardiac output

B. Increased muscle pliability

C. Increased breathing rate

D. Increased Sweating

E. A and C

Acute responses to exercise occur……

A. Before exercise

B. During exercise

C. After exercise

D. All of the above

During which of these exercise sessions would breathing rate increase the most?

A. Weightlifting

B. Tennis match

C. bleep test

D. Lawn bowls

Which of these exercise types would deplete the ATP-PC system the most?

A. Football Match

B. Repeated Sprint Session

C. 5 km run

D. 400 m race

Which of the following is the correct order for energy system predominance during a 400m race?

A. Aerobic (high)
Lactic (mod)
ATP-PC (low)

B. Lactic (high)
Aerobic (mod)
ATP-PC (low)

C. Lactic (high)
ATP-PC (mod)
Aerobic (low)

D. ATP-PC (high)
Aerobic (mod)
Lactic (low)

Musculoskeletal responses to exercise include which of the following?

A. Increased Muscle Pliability

B. Increased tidal volume

C. Increased joint range of motion

D. Increased stroke volume

E. A and C

Cardiac Output =

A. HR x breathing rate

B. HR x blood pressure

C. HR x tidal volume

D. HR x stroke volume

During a marathon race, which of the following is most likely to limit the aerobic system and cause fatigue?

A. Insufficient oxygen delivery to muscles

B. Depletion of muscle glycogen stores

C. Lactic acid build-up

D. PC depletion

During exercise, the vascular shunt mechanism redirects blood to the….

A. Heart

B. Kidneys

C. Muscles

D. Liver


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