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Composition Of Human Blood Quiz


What is a difference between red blood cells and white blood cells?

A. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, but white blood cells do not.

B. Red blood cells can move on their own, but white blood cells cannot.

C. Red blood cells contain a nucleus, but white blood cells do not.

D. Red blood cells fight foreign bacteria, but white blood cells do not

The liquid part of blood

A. plasma

B. water

C. collagen

D. cytoplasm

Platelets are a part of blood that help in the:

A. formation of hemoglobin

B. formation of a clot

C. absorption of amino acids

D. release of anitbodies

What is the job of the red blood cells?

A. Transport oxygen using hemoglobin

B. Transport oxygen using glucose

C. Biconcave shape

D. Flight infection

Which part of human blood carries hormones and nutrients?

A. plasma

B. platelets

C. red blood cells

D. white blood cells

Choose the true statement of the cell in the picture above ?

A. The nucleus s made up of two to six lobes.

B. The biggest leucocytes.

C. Releases enzymes that fight inflammation and allergy reaction.

D. Ingests bacterial cells and dead cells or tissues from wounds by phagocytosis.

What is made in the bone marrow?

A. blood cells

B. nutrients

C. plasma

Which human system is responsible for delivering blood to organs?

A. respiratory

B. skeletal

C. circulatory

D. muscular

Platelets are responsible for clotting blood and repairing damaged blood vessels.



What part of blood is responsible for fighting infections?

A. Red Blood Cells

B. Platelets

C. White Blood Cells

D. Plasma

What is the characteristics of the red blood cells?

A. It Has an elastic plasma membrane.

B. Its does not have a nucleus.

C. The biconcave disc shape enables a large TSA/V for gaseous exchange.

D. It is produced in bone marrow of bones and can live up to 120 days.

E. All of the above

Red blood cells have a nucleus.




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