Medical Quiz



Bandpass filter used in foetal phonocardiogram rejects all frequencies outside the ________ Hz range.

A. a) 0-40

B. b) 40-80

C. c) 70-110

D. d) 110-150

Which of the following can be used to measure using thermistors?

A. a) Very low

B. b) In-between 100Ω and 1MΩ

C. c) Greater than 1MΩ

D. d) None of the mentioned

What is incorporated in sensor to warm the tissue so as to increase local blood flow?

A. a) heater

B. b) heating plate

C. c) thermostat

D. d) thermometer

In floating electrodes metal electrode does not make direct contact with the skin.

A. a) True

B. b) False

The volume of blood within the dialyzer is known as ___________

A. a) secondary volume

B. b) quarterly volume

C. c) priming volume

D. d) residual volume

The detected signals are processed in the form of photo – plethysmographs to determine ___________

A. a) SiO2

B. b) SO2

C. c) CO2

D. d) TiO2

What are used as light source in Skin Reflectance Oximeter?

A. a) Photodiode

B. b) Red and infrared LED’s

C. c) Flashtube

D. d) Arc Lamp

How many sounds are produced from the normal foetal heart action?

A. a) 1

B. b) 2

C. c) 3

D. d) 4

Which rhythm is the principal component of the EEG that indicates the alertness of the brain?

A. a) theta rhythm

B. b) gamma rhythm

C. c) beta rhythm

D. d) alpha rhythm

The branch of medicine that deals with the provision and use of artificial devices such as splints and braces is _________

A. a) prosthetics

B. b) orthotics

C. c) laproscopic

D. d) augmentative communication

Letter F in the EEG electrode placement system denotes?

A. a) front

B. b) face

C. c) frontal lobe

D. d) fast

Which of the following instrument makes use of the Doppler shift principle?

A. a) Abdominal Foetal Electrocardiogram

B. b) Foetal Phonocardiogram

C. c) Foetus blood flow detector

D. d) Foetal ECG with scalp electrode

Skin Reflectance oximeter depends on monitoring backscattered lights in how many wavelengths?

A. A.1

B. B.2

C. C.3

D. D.4

What is range of ultrasonic energy transmitted into the body?

A. a) 0-5 mW/cm2

B. b) 5-10 mW/cm2

C. c) 10-15 mW/cm2

D. d) 15-20 mW/cm2

What is ultrasonic frequency employed for obstetric studies?

A. a) 0.5 to 1 MHz

B. b) 1 to 1.5 MHz

C. c) 1.5 to 2 MHz

D. d) 2 to 2.5 MHz

The delta wave in EEG ranges from ___________

A. a) 0.5-4Hz

B. b) 4-8Hz

C. c) 8-13Hz

D. d) 13-22Hz

Normal EEG frequency range is _______

A. a) 50-500Hz

B. b) 0.5-50HZ

C. c) 0.05-5Hz

D. d) 1-200Hz

According to the international 10/20 system to measure EEG, odd number denotes which side of the brain?

A. a) left

B. b) right

C. c) top

D. d) front

Electrodes to measure EEG are placed on ________

A. a) forehead

B. b) scalp

C. c) cheek

D. d) ears

The frequency range of ECG is ____________

A. a) 0.05-150 HZ

B. b) 500-1500 Hz

C. c) 5-500 kHz

D. d) 0.5-150 MHz

A metal with temperature coefficient of resistance has a value 200, its initial resistance is given by 40Ω. For an increase in 300c to350c what will be the final resistance value?

A. a) 40 KΩ

B. b) 4 KΩ

C. c) 40 Ω

D. d) 400 Ω

What will happen to resistance, if the length of the conductor is increased?

A. a) Decreases

B. b) No change

C. c) Increases

D. d) Doubles

The blood is a poor conductor of electricity.

A. a) True

B. b) False

Which of the following amplifier circulatory is employed to reduce the hum noise generated by the power supply in the ECG circuit?

A. a) band pass filters

B. b) high pass filters

C. c) notch filters

D. d) low pass filters

Which technique is used to derive an integrated rate of the foetus heart from blood flow signals and to display it on a suitable display system?

A. a) Abdominal Foetal Electrocardiogram

B. b) Foetal Phonocardiogram

C. c) Ultrasound

D. d) Foetal ECG with scalp electrode


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