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Foot Orthosis Vocab Quiz


What is a Prototype?

A. A working model used to test a design process by making observations and necessary adjustments.

B. A final model used in the design process.

C. A sketch used to develop a working model.

Orthosis is the medical term for

A. any splint used to support a weak or deformed body part

B. any brace or wrap used to support a week or deformed body part

C. all are correct

D. used to eliminate or restrict motion in a diseased or injured part of the body

What is Cerebral Palsy?

A. A condition that affects body movement

B. A condition that affects coordination

C. Both of the other two answers are correct

What term means working together on a common purpose?

A. Design Process

B. Prototype

C. Collaboration

D. Teamwork

A limitation or restriction is a

A. Invention

B. Innovation

C. Criteria

D. Constraint

What is a systematic problem-solving strategy designers use to come up with a solution to a problem?

A. Team Norms

B. Design Process

C. Collaboration

D. Prototype

Design involves a set of steps that can be performed in different sequences & _________ when needed

A. Refined

B. Brainstormed

C. Repeated

D. Explored

The requirements of a design

A. Creativity

B. Criteria

C. Impact

D. Constraint

Which of the following behaviors can negatively impact team success?

A. Group members focus on the ideas of those with the best grades in the class

B. Group members listen to each other and everyone’s ideas are heard

C. Group members feel free to disagree, but all feedback given is helpful

D. Group members understand their tasks and help each other achieve the goals

The ankle foot orthosis is used to stabilize and strengthen the muscles in the foot and ankle



A foot brace is otherwise known as a

A. foot orthosis

B. ankle orthosis

C. an ankle foot orthosis

D. a wrist hand orthosis

How is Cerebral Palsy caused?

A. Brain injury or malformation before, during, or immediately after birth

B. Body injury that occurs before, during, or immediately after birth.

C. Brain injury during childhood

D. Brain malformation during adulthood

Why is a decision matrix an important tool to use in the design process?

A. A decision matrix determines the best solution by comparing design ideas to the criteria and constraints

B. A decision matrix is used to identify the criteria, constraints, and deliverables

C. A decision matrix organizes your sketches, models, and brainstorming

D. A decision matrix is a contract between the client and the designer

Cerebral Palsy or CP is

A. a blood disorder

B. a type of arthritis

C. a mental health disorder

D. a body movement and coordination disorder


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