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Anatomy - Cellular Respiration Quiz


What are the inputs of cellular respiration?

A. Glucose and Oxygen

B. Sun, water and carbon dioxide

C. Glucose and Water

D. Sunlight and Water

What gas is released by plants during photosynthesis?

A. sulfur

B. carbon dioxide

C. oxygen

D. hydrogen

Where does glycolysis take place?

A. Cytoplasm

B. Stroma

C. Thylakoid

D. Mitochondria

Which of the following best describes photosynthesis?

A. Photosynthesis converts radiant energy into chemical energy.

B. Photosynthesis produces carbohydrates.

C. Plants need sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, nutrients, and chlorophyll to complete photosynthesis.

D. Plants use chlorophyll, water, and carbon dioxide to make sugar.

The ingredients of photosynthesis are

A. sugar and water.

B. sugar and oxygen.

C. carbon dioxide and water.

D. carbon dioxide and oxygen.

A process that requires oxygen

A. anaerobic

B. cardio

C. aerobic

D. O2

Which of the following is a product of cellular respiration?

A. Radiant Energy

B. Oxygen

C. Glucose

D. Water

This process releases chemical energy from sugars and other carbon-based molecules to make ATP when oxygen is present.

A. photosynthesis

B. light-independent reaction

C. cellular respiration

D. light-dependent reaction

Glucose is broken down into pyruvic acid during which process

A. Krebs cycle

B. Calvin cycle

C. Glycolysis

D. Photosynthesis

Which gas is removed from the atmosphere during photosynthesis?

A. hydrogen

B. oxygen

C. nitrogen

D. carbon dioxide

How can photosynthesis be related to cellular respiration?

A. What’s produced by one is needed for the other

B. They both produce the same products

C. They both have the same reactants (need the same things)

D. These 2 processes have nothing in common

A process that does NOT require oxygen

A. anaerobic

B. aerobic

C. sleep

D. relaxing

The splitting of the glucose molecule is called?

A. synthesis

B. denaturalization

C. glycolysis

D. dissolving

Plants do not go through cellular respiration



This is referred to as the energy currency of the cell



C. Mitochondria

D. Nucleus

Cellular respiration happens in the ________________.

A. Chloroplast

B. Nucleus

C. Mitochondria

D. Stomata

The chloroplast is where cellular respiration happens



What are the products of photosynthesis?

A. Carbon dioxide and water

B. Carbon dioxide and oxygen

C. Glucose and oxygen

D. Glucose and water

Billy went on a 2 mile run. Was he using aerobic or anaerobic respiration?

A. Aerobic

B. Anaerobic

What output of cellular respiration is energy?

A. Sunlight


C. Glucose

D. Water

Cellular respiration is anaerobic.



What are the outputs of cellular respiration?

A. carbon dioxide, water and ATP

B. ATP and Glucose

C. Oxygen and Glucose

D. Sunlight, Glucose and Water

What is the name of the 1st step of cellular respiration?

A. aerobic

B. Kreb’s cycle

C. Glycolysis



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