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Physiothearpy in Neurology Quiz


__is when a rapid change in membrane polarity causes a signal to propagate down the axon

A. Polarization

B. Depolarization

C. Repolarization

D. Refraction

What is the role of vitamin D in managing Multiple Sclerosis?

A. Vitamin D has no effect on MS

B. Vitamin D can prevent the onset of MS

C. Vitamin D can reduce the risk of relapses in MS patients

D. Vitamin D can cure MS completely

What is the impact of stress on the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

A. Stress has no impact on MS symptoms

B. Stress can exacerbate MS symptoms

C. Stress can improve MS symptoms

D. Stress can prevent the onset of MS

The peripheral nervous system is made up of all the nerves ________ the brain and spinal cord.

A. inside

B. outside

__ is the fact that neurons either fire or not, like flipping a light switch?

A. Polarization

B. All-or-none

C. Absolute Refractory Period

D. Relative Refractory Period

Nerves are made up of cells called ___________ .

A. axons

B. dendrites

C. synapses

D. neurons

What does Neurology involve?

A. Anatomy of the Nervous System

B. Physiology of the Nervous system

C. Pathologies of the nervous system

D. All of the above

Which type of Multiple Sclerosis is characterized by occasional relapses and remissions?

A. Relapsing-Remitting MS

B. Primary-Progressive MS

C. Secondary-Progressive MS

D. Progressive-Relapsing MS

What is the role of MRI in diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis?

A. To detect lesions in the central nervous system

B. To measure the progression of the disease

C. To assess the effectiveness of treatment

D. All of the above

Spinal cord injuries make it difficult for ____________ to travel between the brain and rest of the body.

A. water

B. mail

C. messages

In a basic view, the nervous system is a 2-way communication between the brain & the body



Multiple Sclerosis is Disease

A. Inflammatory Condition

B. Autoimmune Condition

C. Demyelination of Central nervous system Neurons

D. All of the three

Which of the following is NOT part of the brain?

A. cerebrum

B. atrium

C. cerebellum

D. brain stem

Which cells are primarily affected in Multiple Sclerosis?

A. Neurons

B. Glial cells

C. Myelin-producing cells

D. Immune cells

What is the impact of exercise on the progression of Multiple Sclerosis?

A. Exercise can slow down the progression of the disease

B. Exercise has no impact on the progression of the disease

C. Exercise can worsen the symptoms of the disease

D. Exercise is not recommended for MS patients

Each neuron contains one long trunk called a(n) ________.

A. dendrite

B. synapse

C. brain stem

D. axon

The space between two neurons over which chemical messages are passed is called the ________ .

A. brain stem

B. dendrite

C. axon

D. synapse

What is the common age of onset for Multiple Sclerosis?

A. 20-30 years

B. 40-50 years

C. 60-70 years

D. 80-90 years

A ___________ carries instructions to the muscles from the spinal cord.

A. motor nerve

B. sensory nerve

C. dendrite

D. cerebellum

What is the current status of finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis?

A. No cure has been found yet

B. Several potential treatments are being researched

C. A cure has been discovered recently

D. Cure is not possible due to the nature of the disease

Which of the following is the study of disease processes?

A. Anatomy

B. Physiology

C. Pathology

D. Embryology

True or False? Dendrites receive signals and axons send signals.



The central nervous system is made of the brain and _____ .

A. brain stem

B. spinal cord

C. foot

D. cerebellum

What is the name of the chemical message that travels across the synapse?

A. Axon

B. Dendrite

C. Action Potential

D. Neurotransmitter

The body receives information from the environment through the _________ .

A. sensory nerves

B. motor nerves

C. spinal cord

D. synapse


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