Medical Quiz

Pharmacology Quiz


Acute or angle-closure glaucoma is considered a medical emergency.



Post-surgical means after an operation.



The …………………………………. is particularly severe, and may include psychosis!

A. abuse

B. administer

C. withdrawal

D. overdose

One has pernicious anemia, if one has gastric dystrophy.



C. I don’t know

If a patient weighs 352 pounds, how much will he weigh in kilograms?

A. 159 kgs

B. 144.5 kgs

C. 160 kgs

D. 212 kgs

a drug that has certain restrictions on its sale is called…

A. prescription

B. controlled substance

C. loading dose

D. sedative

A licensed veterinarian must be registered with the ____ as an individual or through a hospital to legally use or prescribe controlled substances


B. State licensing board



The classification of medications given to reduce fever.

A. Adjuvants

B. Analgesics

C. Antipyretics

D. Hypnotics

Hypnotics are used to _______________.

A. relieve mild to moderate pain, fever, and anti-inflammatory conditions

B. enhance analgesic effect with opioids and nonopioids

C. promote sedation

D. promote sleep

Side effects include rash, fatigue, abdominal discomfort are examples of…………………………..reaction.

A. adverse

B. hypnotic

C. relieve

D. pain

A myeloid growth factor produced in yeast expression system.

A. G- CSF (Filgrastim)

B. GM-CSF (Sargramostim)

C. I don’t know

D. None of the above

When disposing of liquid drugs that will be sent to a landfill, what needs to be done?

A. freeze them first then dispose

B. put them in a container with cat litter

C. heat them to boiling and then dispose

D. put them in a container with acid

How many 9 fl oz bottles can be packaged from a 1 gallon bottle of cough syrup?

A. 10

B. 12

C. 14

D. 16

Over the counter means we can buy medication without the prescription.



Antidepressant medications are used primarily to treat ___________________.

A. Central nervous system function

B. Various types of depression

C. bipolar disorders

D. anxiety disorders, neurosis, some psychosomatic disorders, and insomnia

Analgesics produced in the body as a reaction to pain or intense exercise are __________________..

A. Subjective

B. Tolerance

C. Endorphins

D. Dependence

An assistant is converting a prescription for 45 ml of liquid medication to tablespoons. The assistant should calculate this amount of medication converts to how many teaspoons?

A. 9 tsp

B. 3 tsbp

C. 3 tbsp

D. 7 tsp

Which is the most common treatment for epilepsy?

A. Surgery

B. Medication

C. Special Diet

D. An implanted electrical device

T or F? Carbamazepine should not be prescribed for patients with absence seizures because it may cause an increase in seizures

A. T

B. F

Iron metabolism regulator

A. Hepcidin

B. Amikacin

C. Deferasirox

D. Ferritin

Will’s disease is a folic acid deficiency that will cause megaloblastic anemia.



C. I don’t know

Pregabalin works on presynaptic ion channels to inhibit the release of neurotransmitter and reduce neuronal excitation. What ion channel does pregabalin act on?

A. Potassium

B. Sodium

C. Chloride

D. Calcium

NSAID with multiple actions including anti-pyretic and analgesic; often combined with opioids; acetylsalicylic acid.

A. Opioid analgesic

B. Nonopioid analgesic

C. Salicylates


An assistant is converting a prescription for 45 ml of liquid medication to tablespoons. The assistant should calculate this amount of medication converts to how many tablespoons?

A. 1 tbsp

B. 1.5 tbsp

C. 3 tbsp

D. 2 tbsp

Which of the following quantities will fill a 16 ounce container the most without causing any overflow?

A. 600 ml

B. 465 ml

C. 485 ml

D. 400 ml


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