Medical Quiz

Pharmacology Quiz


Anxiolytics are used to treat ____________.

A. central nervous system dysfunction

B. various types of depression

C. bipolar disorders

D. anxiety disorders, neurosis, some psychosomatic disorders, and insomnia.

Which of the following statements is true regarding Rohypnol?

A. It is not approved for use in the United States

B. It is used to counteract effects of cocaine withdrawal

C. It is used as a date-rape drug.

D. All of the above.

Stimulus of erythropoietin

A. renal deficiency

B. folic acid deficiency

C. both a & b

D. none of the above

What biomarker is used for epilepsy diagnosis?

A. HVA Calcium


C. Prolactin


A myeloid growth factor produced in yeast expression system.

A. G- CSF (Filgrastim)

B. GM-CSF (Sargramostim)

C. I don’t know

D. None of the above

Schilling’s test is used to identify the type of cause of megaloblastic anemia.



C. I don’t know

This is necessary for the synthesis of purines, amino acid, and DNA

A. Folic acid

B. Erythropoietin

C. Cobalamin

D. Iron

Why do most people seek medical care?

A. Preventative care

B. Family history

C. Chronic conditions

D. pain

Tardive dyskinesia is _______________.

A. Purposeless body movements, an extrapyramidal side effect associated with antipyschotics.

B. Emotional reliance on a substance.

C. When despite problems with normal functioning, drugs or alcohol control an individual’s life.

D. Constellation of physical motor side effects due to unbalanced cholinergic activity, side effects of antipsychotics.

Drops are preferred over ointments when used in children.



Post-surgical means after an operation.



When disposing of liquid drugs that will be sent to a landfill, what needs to be done?

A. freeze them first then dispose

B. put them in a container with cat litter

C. heat them to boiling and then dispose

D. put them in a container with acid

The use of eye makeup during treatment with anti-infective drops should be avoided.



The classification of medications given to reduce fever.

A. Adjuvants

B. Analgesics

C. Antipyretics

D. Hypnotics

Will’s disease is a folic acid deficiency that will cause megaloblastic anemia.



C. I don’t know

Side effects include rash, fatigue, abdominal discomfort are examples of…………………………..reaction.

A. adverse

B. hypnotic

C. relieve

D. pain

The symptoms of a seizure may differ from person to person, but seizures are caused by the same thing:

A. A sudden change in how brain cells send electrical signals to one another

B. A sudden change in blood flow in the brain

C. A sudden change in how the spinal cord and brain talk to each other

D. A sudden change in oxygen flow in the body

Side effects of anti-infective eye agents can include ___________________.

A. Conjunctivitis

B. Blurred Vision

C. Urticaria

D. All of the above

Over the counter means we can buy medication without the prescription.



It is known as a synthetic erythropoietin

A. Myeloid Growth Factor

B. Darbepoetin alfa

C. Sargramostim

D. None of the above

Drug addiction is defined as _____________.

A. the use of a drug for other than therapeutic purposes

B. physical dependence and withdrawal reaction with physiological effects.

C. illegal behavior

D. a problem with moral character

Which of the following virtual care options must have a valid VCPR?

A. Telemedicine

B. Teleadvising

C. Teletriage

D. Teleconsulting

All veterinary _________________ must be labeled with the following statement: “Caution: Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.”

A. OTC drugs

B. Prescription drugs

C. generic drugs

D. controlled

According to the Texas Administrative code- Rules of professional conduct a label on a compounded drug must contain

A. date on which the drug was compounded

B. name and strength of medically active ingredients

C. identity of treated animals

D. condition or disease to be treated

E. all of the above are correct

MOA of Trimethoprin

A. binds to iron

B. DNA synthesis

C. erythropoietin secretion inhibitor

D. none of the above


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