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My Teeth Quiz


What tooth is this?

A. premolars

B. incisors

C. molars

D. canine

A hole in a tooth is called

A. Enamel

B. Cavity

C. Cementum

D. Nerves

The molars teeth are use to

A. tear food

B. cut food

C. grind food

What is the meaning of Healthy Food?

A. food that can harm us

B. food that give us nutritien

C. food that makes our body not in good situation

D. food that we can buy anywhere

How many types of teeth we have ?

A. 4

B. 1

C. 6

D. 3

There is no harm in sharing your toothbrush with your friend



The first set of teeth are called ?

A. Milk teeth

B. Loose teeth

C. permanent teeth

D. Strong teeth

Who takes care of our teeth?

A. firemen

B. dentist

C. plumber

D. carpenter

What is the maximum number of teeth in an adult ?

A. 34

B. 37

C. 32

D. 38

Which food is not good for our teeth

A. Fruits

B. Vegetables

C. Chocolates

D. Milk

Teeth help in

A. tasting food

B. chewing food

C. breathing

D. drinking water

What are front four teeth on each jaw called ?

A. Canines

B. Molars

C. Pre-molars

D. Incisors


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