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The Nervous System and The Senses Quiz


If you are having trouble with your BALANCE and COORDINATION, which part of your brain should be checked?

A. cerebrum

B. cerebellum

C. brain stem

D. spinal cord

What is the part of the nervous system that is made up of a system of nerves?

A. Central nervous system

B. Peripheral nervous system

___________ —> ____________ —> _______________

A. Response, Stimulus, Interpret

B. Interpret, Stimulus, Response

C. Stimulus, Interpret, Response

D. Response, Interpret, Stimulus

Physical injuries, like a major car accident, can be very dangerous to nervous system health. How?

A. the nerves will communicate slower

B. pain receptors activate during physical injuries

C. damaged nerves cannot send or receive signals

D. the driver will be very upset about their destroyed car

Which color is the BRAIN STEM?
A.     PINK

Jubjib loves to dance during Quizlet live. Which part of her brain stores the memories for her dance techniques?

A. cerebellum

B. cerebrum

C. brain stem

D. medulla

After seeing a moth, a frog uses its tongue to catch it. This is an example of:

A. gathering information

B. responding to a stimulus

C. maintaining homeostasis

D. secreting hormones

What is a reflex?

A. an automatic movement in response to a stimulus

B. the gap between neurons where chemical reactions occur

C. the part of the brain responsible for involuntary movements

D. a muscle memory

Even though Khing loves to sleep, her heart still beats and lungs still breathe. Which part of her brain controls this?

A. cerebellum

B. cerebrum

C. brain stem

D. optical nerve

As organisms get more complex, cells become specialized to perform specific functions in the body. What is the function for the cell shown?
A.     contract and shorten movement
B.     provide coverage and protection
C.     carry impulses around the body
D.     connects parts together

Cover dancing requires a lot of coordination, but which part of your brain coordinates your muscle movements?

A. cerebellum

B. cerebrum

C. brain stem

D. hypocampus

Which color is the CEREBELLUM?
A.     PINK

The CENTRAL nervous system is made up of which two organs?

A. Brain and Spinal Cord

B. Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerves

C. Peripheral Nerves and Heart

D. Heart and Lungs

Which color is the CEREBRUM?
A.     PINK

The nerve cell is more specifically called a(n)…

A. axon

B. dendrite

C. myelin sheath

D. neuron


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