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Human Digestive System Quiz


Dil HCl is present in

A. saliva

B. gastric juice

C. bile juice

D. pancreatic juice

The undigested food is sent out of the body through

A. rectum

B. anus

C. vermiform appendix

D. none

The greenish vomit due to overeating is called

A. ulcer

B. constipation

C. liverish

D. none

Final products of carbohydrates

A. amino acids

B. fatty acids and glycerol

C. glucose

D. none

Mucus is a sticky present in

A. pancreatic juice

B. bile juice

C. intestinal juice

D. saliva

The breaking of fat into small globules is

A. digestion

B. ingestion

C. emulsification

D. egestion

End products of protein digestion

A. glucose

B. fatty acid and glycerol

C. amino acids

D. none

_____________________________ juice helps in emulsification of fats.

A. Gastric juice

B. Pancreatic juice

C. Intestinal juice

D. Bile juice

The enzyme that acts on carbohydrates

A. pepsin

B. trypsin

C. lipase

D. amylase

Eating fibre rich food helps in prevent

A. constipation

B. high blood pressure

C. diabetes

D. diarrohea

Enzymes in the bile juice

A. amylase

B. trypsin

C. pepsin

D. no enzymes

The liver and pancreas send their secretions into

A. stomach

B. duodenum

C. small intestine

D. large intestine

The finger like structure present between small intestine and large intestine is

A. villi

B. appendix

C. colon

D. none

A common passage for food and air

A. esophagus

B. stomach

C. duodenum

D. pharynx

Largest gland in human body is

A. Salivary glands

B. Pancreas

C. Liver

D. Pituitary gland

The enzyme present in saliva

A. pepsin

B. trypsin

C. lipase

D. amylase

Nutrition in human beings

A. autotrophic

B. heterotrophic

C. holozoic

D. none


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