Medical Quiz

Aseptic Technique & Sterile Comp Review Quiz


What type of hood provides that most protection for the preparer?

A. Horizontal flow hood

B. Vertical flow hood

C. Glove box

D. All are equal if used properly

The cleanroom or buffer room is adjacent to the:

A. Green room

B. Anteroom

C. Primary engineering control room

D. Non-sterile compounding room

The official updates to USP <797> that took effect in 2008 include all of the following except:

A. Revised risk categories for CSPs

B. Addition of a new low-risk, 12 hour BUD category

C. Guidelines about the use of single dose and multidose vials

D. Guidelines about reconstituting oral antibiotics

When a chunk of rubber from stopper is found in a vial, what has occurred?

A. Coring

B. Beveling

C. Clumping

D. Chunking

How often should IV hoods be certified regarding inspection?

A. Once a year

B. Once a month

C. Only when installed

D. Every 6 months are whenever they are moved.

A tension type syringe has a maximum volume (in mL) of:

A. 0.5

B. 1

C. 3

D. 5

How many Risk Levels exist under USP <797>?

A. Three

B. Four

C. Five

D. Six

An are exposed to air or touch, such as a vial, needle, or ampule, is called a:

A. Critical Site

B. Clean Site

C. Sterile Site

D. First-air site

All TPN orders contain:

A. Dextrose and amino acids

B. Lipids

C. Electrolytes & multivitamins

D. All of the above

USP <797> contains guidelines that apply to:

A. Pharmacists & pharmacy technicians

B. Nurses

C. Physicians

D. Every one associated with patient care

What is the minimum frequency that counters and work surfaces must be cleaned?

A. Beginning of each pharmacy shift

B. Daily

C. Every 8 hours

D. Weekly

Which is not true regarding sharps containers?

A. They are always located inside the hood

B. They are required for the disposal of needles and syringes

C. They should be replaced when two-thirds full.

D. They must be picked up or delivered to an approved red bag or medical waste treatment site.

Health care- associated infections are also called?

A. Hospital-induced infections

B. Hospital-spread infections

C. Health care-spread infections

D. Nosocomial infections

Which one of the following products is considered hazardous?

A. Antibiotics

B. Anticoagulants

C. Radioactive compounds

D. Diuretics

Chemotherapy medications can be prepared in the following type(s) of IV hoods?

A. Horizontal flow hood

B. Vertical Flow hood

C. Biological safety cabinet

D. Both Vertical flow hood and BSC


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