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PHE Healthy Lifestyle Quiz


What is this?

A. Have a healthy dinner

B. Eat vegetables

C. Have a healthy breakfast

D. Take a shower

One will experience _________ breathing, _________ heart rate and __________ sweating while taking part in vigorous-intensity physical activity.

A. slow, slow, mild

B. slow, rapid, heavy

C. rapid, rapid, mild

D. rapid, rapid, heavy

Doing housework at home is also a kind of physical activity.



What is a calorie?

A. Energy that fuels the body

B. A chocolate bar

C. Fat on the body

D. A measure of weight

What is a healthy breakfast?

A. Chocolate bars

B. Oats and berries

C. Fried foods

D. McDonalds

Why is breakfast important

A. It’s my warm-up for the day and wakes me up

B. It gets my brain and body ready to learn

C. Helps me focus

D. All of the above

What is this?

A. Fruits

B. Healthy food

C. Junk food

D. Vegetables

What is this?

A. Fruits

B. Healthy food

C. Junk food

D. Vegetables

Flexibility and strength exercises is not useful for developing an active and healthy lifestyle.



Which of the following should be consumed the least for an healthy lifestyle?

A. Meat and Eggs

B. Grains

C. Vegetables

D. Fruits

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A. Balance between exercise, food and wellness

B. Being rich

C. Eating what I want whenever I want

D. Playing a lot of video games

What is obesity?

A. Too much body fat

B. Eating too much

C. Eating is restaurants

D. Not exercising


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