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Intravenous Fluid Therapy Quiz


Isotonic solutions are good for

A. dehydration

B. rescusistation

C. repalcement

D. all of the above

______________________ is the amount of force required to keep water in a compartment

A. tonicitiy

B. osmotic pressure

C. osmolality

D. hydrostatic

Hypertonic solution example is

A. Norm-m

B. 7% NaCl

C. 0.45%NaCl


The doctor’s order says: “0.5 L of Normal Saline to infuse over 6 hours.” Drip factor: 30 drops/mL

A. 42 drops/min

B. 24 drops/min

C. 425 drops/min

D. 68 drops/min

Colloids are

A. large particles

B. stay in the vasculature

C. help with vascular volume

D. all of the above

the normal blood pH of blood is

A. 7

B. 8

C. 7.4

D. 5

The most commonly used type of fluid is

A. crystalloid

B. colloid

C. plasma

D. vetstarch

Crystalloids are classified as

A. isotonic

B. hypotonic

C. hypertonic

D. all of the above

Doctor’s order says: “400ml of Dextrose Saline to infuse over 3 hours.” Drip factor: 10 drops/mL

A. 20 drops/min

B. 22 drops/min

C. 21 drops/min

D. 30 drops/min

Doctor’s order says: “500 mL of 1/2 Normal Saline Dextrose 5% with 10 meq of KCL to infuse over 5 hours ” Drip factor: 10 drops/mL. Find how many drops/min. 10meq of KCL is equal to 10ml.

A. 71 drops/min

B. 17 drops/min

C. 19 drops/min

D. 56 drops/min

Hypertonic solutions are not good for

A. dehydrated patients

B. hypotensive patients

C. hemoorhaging patients

D. head trauma

Ordered: IV Drip Normal Saline 5cc/kg/hr. The patient’s body weight is 70kg. Find the flow rate in ml per hour.

A. 420ml/hour

B. 300ml/hour

C. 280ml/hour

D. 350ml/hour

_______________ is an example of a hypotonic solution

A. 0.9% NaCl

B. norm-R

C. plasmalyte 56

D. all of the above

Doctor’s order: “Two 250 mL Packed Red Blood Cells to infuse over 4 hours.” Drip factor: 15 drops/mL Find how many drops/min?

A. 31 drops/min

B. 19 drops/min

C. 30 drops/min

D. 32 drops/min

Hypotonic fluids

A. are maintained in the vasculature

B. move out to the cells

C. stay equally in the vascualture and cells

D. go the third spaces


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