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Muscle Origin, Insertion, and Function Quiz


Choose the muscle that extends the thigh.

A. Vastus Medialis

B. Vastus Intermedias

C. Semimembranosus

D. Rectus Femoris

Which muscle elevates, retracts, and rotates the scapula? We use it to shrug our shoulders.

A. Subscapularis

B. Latissimus Dorsi

C. Deltois

D. Trapezius

The ORIGIN is the muscle attachment to the _______ bone.

A. Stationary

B. Movable

When you extend your arm to push the floor button on an elevator, the primer mover is the:

A. Triceps

B. Humerus

C. Biceps

D. Ulna

The muscle attachment to the movable bone is the:

A. Muscle belly

B. Muscle body

C. Insertion

D. Fascicle

Which elbow muscle provides extension of the elbow and originates on the humerus?

A. biceps brachii

B. triceps brachii

C. brachialis

D. brachioradialis

This muscle wraps around the front of the lower leg, pulling the knee upward and outward.

A. Sartorius

B. Gracilis

C. Iliacus

D. Popliteus

Where do the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and sartorius muscles originate?

A. spinal column

B. femur

C. pelvis

D. ribs

Which muscle inserts on the coronoid process and tuberosity of the ulna?

A. brachialis

B. brachioradialis

C. biceps brachii

D. triceps brachii

What does the latissimus dorsi insert on?

A. radius

B. ulna

C. humerus

D. scapula

Which muscle inserts on the radial tuberosity?

A. biceps brachii

B. triceps brachii

C. brachialis

D. brachioradialis

Where does the deltoid originate from?

A. end of clavicle and scapula

B. clavicle and sternum

C. scapula

D. humerus

Teres Minor, Infraspinatus, Supraspinatus and Subscapularis are categorized as which type of muscle?

A. Rotator Cuff muscles.

B. Thigh muscles.

C. Neck and back muscles.

D. Pelvic muscles.

What is an action of the gluteus maximus?

A. Flex the thigh.

B. Rotate the lumbar column.

C. Extend the thigh.

D. Abduct and adduct the humerus.

Which muscle inserts on the deltoid tuberosity of the humerus?

A. latissimus dorsi

B. brachialis

C. brachioradialis

D. deltoid

What muscle inserts on the humerus and originates on the clavicle and sternum

A. deltoid

B. brachioradialis

C. pectoralis major

D. biceps brachii

Which muscle does dorsiflexion on the foot?

A. Tibialis Anterior

B. Gastrocnemius

C. Soleus

D. Subscapularis

The origin of this muscle is the humerus and scapula and its insertion is the olecranon process of the ulna.

A. Biceps Brachii

B. Triceps Brachii

What is the origin of the brachioradialis?

A. scapula

B. distal half of humerus

C. lateral ridge of humerus

D. head of scapula

Where does the brachialis originate from?

A. distal half of the humerus

B. proximal half of the humerus

C. scapula

D. lateral ridge of humerus

Which elbow muscle provides flexion and assists in supination?

A. triceps brachii

B. biceps brachii

C. brachialis

D. brachioradialis

This muscle is located on the upper chest and function in adduction and flexion of the arm/shoulder

A. latissimus dorsi

B. brachialis

C. deltoid

D. pectoralis major

The biceps is attached to the scapula and the radius. The radius would be considered the:

A. Synergist

B. Insertion

C. Origin

D. Antagonis

Which muscle extends, adducts, and applies medial rotation of the arm

A. biceps brachii

B. deltoid

C. latissimus dorsi

D. brachialis

Select the insertion of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

A. Mastoid Process

B. Manubrium

C. Clavicle

D. Ligamentum Nuchae


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