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Anatomy and Physiology Quiz


Type of tissue that connects and supports most part of the body

A. Epithelial

B. Muscular

C. Connective

It contains the cell’s DNA

A. Nucleus

B. Lysosomes

C. Ribosomes

Describes the side direction of the body

A. Lateral

B. Superior

C. Inferior

These are imaginary surfaces or lines that divide the body in to sections

A. Sagittal Plane

B. Midsagittal Plane

C. Body Plane

It binds the cell and organs of the body together

A. Epithelial

B. Muscular

C. Connective

It is specialized for locomotion, composed of one long fiber

A. Cilia

B. Microfilaments

C. Flagella

The study of the body’s structure

A. Physiology

B. Anatomy

C. Biology

The branch of science that studies the cell

A. Microbiology

B. Cytology

C. Hematology

It is the part of the body near the axis of the body.

A. Appendicular

B. Axial

The study of structures that make up a discrete body system

A. Regional Anatomy

B. Gross Anatomy

C. Systemic Anatomy

The smallest unit of a living organism

A. Cell

B. Tissue

C. Organ

Describes the front direction of the body

A. Dorsal

B. Distal

C. Anterior

It houses the lungs and heart

A. Abdominopelvic Cavity

B. Thoracic Cavity


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