Principle of Health Science Quiz


What did the primitive humans think caused illness and disease?

A. bugs

B. plants

C. supernatural spirits

D. blood

What oath do doctors have to take?

A. Galen’s Oath

B. The Vesalic Oath

C. The Hippocratic Oath

D. The patients Oath

Edward Jenner recorded the anatomy of the body



Galen did which job In Pergamum which helped him understand anatomy?

A. Doctor to the Emperor

B. Butcher

C. Mummy Maker

D. Doctor of the Gladiator

Who Invented X-Rays?

A. Davinci

B. Lister

C. Jenner

D. Roetgen

Which individual discovered the heart pumped blood around the body?

A. Harvey

B. Sydenham

C. Vesalius

D. Pare

Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by
A. Sir Alexander Fleming
B. Dr. Philippe Pinel
C. Sigmund Freud
D. William Roentgen

Who were the first to use acupuncture therapies?

A. Greeks

B. Romans

C. Chinese

D. Egyptians

Who is the father of medicine?

A. Pare

B. Hippocrates

C. Nightingale

D. Blackwell

When studying in Alexandria, how did Galen discover more details of anatomy?

A. Entered tombs and looked at bodies.

B. Doctor to Gladiators

C. Doctor to Emperor

D. Made Mummies

Founder of modern nursing.
A. Benjamin Franklin
B. Sir Alexander Fleming
C. Clara Barton
D. Florence Nightengale

Safer surgery using nitrous oxide and chloroform were discovered in what century

A. 16th century

B. 18th century

C. 19th and 20th

D. 21st century

Doctors today swear the Hippocratic Oath. What to they promise?

A. Charge a fair amount

B. To do no harm

C. Work for free

D. Do what the patient wants.

Galen lived in the Roman Empire. Where was he born?

A. Greece

B. Rome

C. Egypt

D. Gaul

Who is the father of microbiology?

A. Hippocrates

B. Da Vinci

C. Jenner

D. Pasteur

Acceptance of dissection of the body, invention of the printing press, and a renewed interest in medicine:

A. Middle ages

B. Dark Ages

C. Renaissance

D. Egyptians

An example of a personal characteristic that is needed for the health field is?

A. Patience

B. keep closed stance

C. horseplay

D. don’t talk to anyone

When females are getting ready for work you should keep ________________ to a minimum?

A. socks

B. perfume

C. shoes

D. hair cleaning

Described the diagnosis and treatment of over 200 diseases and was known as the “God of Medicine” 
A. Galen
B. Avicenna
C. Imhotep 
D. Hippocrates 

Who is the founder of the Red Cross?

A. Florence Nightingale

B. Elizabeth Blackwell

C. Clara Barton

D. Queen Elizabeth


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