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A tapeworm lives in the intestines of its host. Which example best describes the relationship between the tapeworm and its host?

A. The tapeworm benefits from its host; however, the host is not affected.

B. The tapeworm does not benefit from its host, but the host does benefit.

C. The tapeworm benefits from its host, and the host is negatively affected.

A horse named Desperado was rushed to your clinic unable to put weight on one of his legs. Apparently fell during a race. The veterinarian suspects a fracture. What would confirm this?

A. Encephalograph

B. Radiograph

C. Nephrogram

D. Cardiogram

What part of the SOAP acronym represents the animal’s temperature and heart rate?

A. Subjective

B. Objective

C. Assessment

D. Plan

Increase in heart rate

A. Tachycardia

B. Bradycardia

C. Tachypnea

D. Arrythmia

It is normal for livestock to wander alone separate from other animals most of the time.



A veterinary assistant records notes in a medical record using the acronym SOAP as a guide. The notes for “P” would most likely include information about the:

A. pedigree of the animal.

B. potential of the animal.

C. history of the animal’s treatment.

D. treatment plan for the animal.

An otherwise healthy veterinary technician, Anna, is bitten by a 2-year-old mixed-breed dog, “Tow Tow,” while restraining him for a pedicure. The bite does not cause severe tissue damage, but the canine teeth penetrate her skin and she does bleed. Tow Tow is current on all of his vaccinations including rabies. He lives primarily in the backyard of his owner’s suburban home. What is the best, first action Anna should take following the bite?

A. Tell a coworker about it, but take no more action regarding the incident.

B. Wash the wound immediately with soap and water, then with povidone-iodine, and follow with a thorough irrigation with water, then inform the veterinarian or office manager.

C. Ignore the bite until she has time to wash it, even though this may not be for a few hours. Once there is time, also inform the veterinarian or office manager.

D. Wait until she gets home and clean the wound, without notifying the veterinarian because she fears she will be reprimanded.

To remove a tick you should:

A. Pour alcohol on the tick, then pull it off

B. Use tweezers to grasp the head and pull straight out

C. Cut the tick off with a knife

D. Use a match to burn the tick off

Pinkeye the common name of this disease carried by insects that affects the eyes of the animal:

A. Leptospirosis

B. Infectious Keratitis

C. Brucellosis

D. Blackleg

Which pathogen is treated with antibiotics?

A. virus

B. bacteria

C. parasite

D. fungi

The first and most noticeable part of the medical record should be:

A. client and patient information sheet.

B. price list of all medical procedures available.

C. progress notes.

D. lab reports.

Which pathogen is non-living?

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

C. Fungi

D. Parasite/Protist

E. They are all alive

What does IBR stand for?

A. Infectious Born Respiration

B. Indefinitely Bad Respiration

C. Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis

D. Infectious Bovine Respiration

Isolating sick animals helps to prevent the spread of disease.




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