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Macromolecules Quiz


What unit is the energy we consumed measured in?

A. grams

B. %

C. calories

D. mg

In an experiment , the condition that is manipulated (changed) by a scientist is the

A. Constant

B. Dependent variable

C. Control condition

D. Independent variable

This is found outside of the nucleus of an atom

A. electron

B. neutron

C. proton

D. membrane

Enzymes and catalysts are

A. always used up

B. hard to replace

C. are reusable

Contains a phosphate, sugar and nitrogen base

A. nucleic acid

B. lipid

C. carbohydrate

D. protein

When reading the nutrition facts on food packaging total fats is a measure of…

A. Carbohydrate

B. Lipids

C. Water

D. Protein

Enzymes affect the reactions in living cells by increasing the

A. Activation energy of the reaction

B. Speed of the reaction

C. Temperature of the reaction

What is the function of nucleic acids?

A. store genetic information

B. store energy (long-term)

C. store energy (short-term)

D. build skin, hair, nails, muscles

Which word best describes a scientific hypothesis?

A. provable

B. theoretical

C. testable

D. quantifiable

In an experiment , the condition being measured by a scientist is the

A. Independent variable

B. Dependent variable

C. Control condition

D. Constant

Proteins are made of monomers called ___________

A. Nucleotides

B. Monosaccharides

C. Amino Acids

D. Glycerol and fatty acids

What is “One piece”, such as nucleotides, that makes up the complex molecule of DNA?

A. polymer

B. monomer

C. lipid

D. protein

Another name for fats and oils

A. proteins

B. sugar

C. lipids

D. nucleic acids

Which group of biomolecules provide quick energy to organisms?

A. proteins

B. carbohydrates

C. lipids

D. nucleic acids

Provides long term energy and insulation,

A. lipids

B. carbohydrates

C. nucleic acids

D. proteins

Waxes, oils and fats are examples of

A. Carbohydrates

B. Lipids

C. Proteins

D. Nucleic Acids

Enzyme function is temperature dependent.



What is the dependent variable in the following experiment: An investigation found that cat grass grows best in artificial light.

A. Artificial light

B. Best Grass seed

C. Cat grass growth

D. Water added

Is found in the cell membrane as a bilayer.

A. lipids

B. protein

C. nucleic acid

D. carbohydrate

How is a protein’s shape important to its function?

A. The function of the protein is directly related to its shape

B. The shape of the protein is unaffected by the changes in the proteins environment

C. Proteins have no significant function in the human body

This is the smallest unit that still has the same properties of an element.

A. proton

B. lipid

C. protein

D. atom

Enzymes in humans function best at cold temperatures.



An animal that can keep its internal environment the same is called

A. Hyperstasis

B. Envirostasis

C. Reproduction

D. Homeostasis

In an experiment , the condition held the same by a scientist is the

A. Constant

B. Control condition

C. Dependent variable

D. Independent variable

All organic compounds contain the element

A. carbon

B. nitrogen

C. phosphorus

D. sulfur


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