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Macromolecules Quiz


What unit is the energy we consumed measured in?

A. grams

B. %

C. calories

D. mg

What is the function of nucleic acids?

A. store genetic information

B. store energy (long-term)

C. store energy (short-term)

D. build skin, hair, nails, muscles

A carbohydrate is a macromolecule that is used to…

A. give cells/systems energy.

B. build cell parts.

C. give cells/systems long term energy storage.

D. help cells with chemical processes.

An animal that can keep its internal environment the same is called

A. Hyperstasis

B. Envirostasis

C. Reproduction

D. Homeostasis

Enzymes are..

A. nucleic acids 

B. carbohydrates 

C. lipids 

D. proteins 

Proteins are made of monomers called ___________

A. Nucleotides

B. Monosaccharides

C. Amino Acids

D. Glycerol and fatty acids

Provides long term energy and insulation,

A. lipids

B. carbohydrates

C. nucleic acids

D. proteins

In an experiment , the condition being measured by a scientist is the

A. Independent variable

B. Dependent variable

C. Control condition

D. Constant

Which word best describes a scientific hypothesis?

A. provable

B. theoretical

C. testable

D. quantifiable

What is “One piece”, such as nucleotides, that makes up the complex molecule of DNA?

A. polymer

B. monomer

C. lipid

D. protein

Calories we see listed on nutrition labels indicates all the energy we WILL receive from that food item.



Waxes, oils and fats are examples of

A. Carbohydrates

B. Lipids

C. Proteins

D. Nucleic Acids

Used for short term (quick) energy.

A. carbohydrates

B. lipids

C. proteins

D. nucleic acids

In an experiment , the condition held the same by a scientist is the

A. Constant

B. Control condition

C. Dependent variable

D. Independent variable

Enzymes in humans function best at cold temperatures.



The function of nucleic acids, such as DNA are for building proteins and carrying the ___________ info.

A. genetic

B. disease fighting 

C. bone building 

D. energy

In an experiment , the condition that is manipulated (changed) by a scientist is the

A. Constant

B. Dependent variable

C. Control condition

D. Independent variable

Which is an example of a lipid?

A. Candy

B. Olive Oil


D. Meat

All of the following are characteristics of life except

A. Responds to stimuli

B. Needs energy

C. Does not evolve

D. Growth

What is the dependent variable in the following experiment: An investigation found that cat grass grows best in artificial light.

A. Artificial light

B. Best Grass seed

C. Cat grass growth

D. Water added

Which are enzymes?

A. simple carbohydrates

B. proteins that speed up chemical reactions

C. lipids that make up the cell membrane

D. a building block of DNA

Contains a phosphate, sugar and nitrogen base

A. nucleic acid

B. lipid

C. carbohydrate

D. protein

Monosaccharides are monomers of

A. Carbohydrates

B. Lipids

C. Proteins

D. Nucleic Acids

The word saccharide means:

A. sugar

B. glucose

C. sweetener

D. carbohydrate

An example of a carbohydrate would be?

A. pasta

B. T-bone steak

C. chicken leg

D. cheese


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