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Which subfield of psychology is the scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate to one another?
A. educational
B. social
C. human factors
D. counseling

Which of the following psychologists are most associated with dreams?

A. Freud

B. Bandura

C. Asch

D. Binet

Which part of the neuron receives information and conducts it towards the cell body?
A. Synapse
B. Axon terminal
C. Dendrites
D. Nucleus

Shows brain function by using a radioactive glucose solution (active neurons love glucose)
B. CT Scan
C. PET Scan

The special treatment given to the subjects in the experimental group is called the:

A. hypothesis



D. control variable

The brain’s “sensory switchboard”:  directs sensory messages to proper area of the brain
A. thalamus
B. hypothalamus
C. hippocampus
D. reticular formation

Which of the following processes has begun as soon as special receptor cells for the senses are activated?

A. perception

B. adaptation

C. habituation

D. sensation

What is a theory?

A. a guess on how something works

B. a tested conclusion accepted as true

C. a story explaining how the world works

D. an assumption

Hunger controls are located within the brain’s:
A. hypothalamus.
B. medulla.
C. temporal lobe.
D. amygdala.

Which of the following is considered the fundamental building block of the nervous system?

A. nucleus

B. neuron

C. synapse

D. dendrite

This research method is a technique for ascertaining the self – reported attitudes or behaviors of a particular group, usually by questioning a representative, random sample of the group.
A. Survey
B. Observational
C. Correlational
D. Experiments
E. Case Study

Which kind of study can establish a cause-effect relationship between variables, assuming that the research is appropriate and well conceived?
A. survey
B. case study
C. correlational study
D. experiment

Which professional specialty focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of people with psychological disorders?
A. biological psychology
B. personality psychology
C. clinical psychology
D. social psychology

Although Nicole scored well above average on the SAT, she frequently loses her temper and needlessly antagonizes even her best friends. Her behavior best illustrates a low level of:

A. convergent thinking

B. validity

C. mental age

D. emotional intelligence

The biggest danger of relying on case-study evidence is that it
A. is based on naturalistic observation.
B. may be unrepresentative of what is generally true.
C. overestimates the importance of operational definitions.
D. leads us to underestimate the causal relationships between events.

Known as the “Little Brain” and is in charge of balance and coordinating movements
A. Thalamus
B. Reticular Formation
C. Hypothalamus
D. Cerebellum

A relatively psychologically active type of sleep when most of a person’s dreaming takes place; voluntary muscles are inhibited, making the person move very little.

A. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep

B. Non-REM Sleep

This research method is a descriptive technique in which one individual or group is studied in depth in the hope of revealing universal principles
A. Case Study
B. Survey
C. Observational
D. Correlational
E. Experiments

The point at which a change in sensory stimulation is detected is called the

A. absolute threshold

B. psychological equation

C. just noticeable difference 

D. Weber effect

The two major divisions of the nervous system are the

A. brain and spinal cord

B. central and somatic nervous system

C. sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

D. central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

A person has a stroke on her occipital lobe.  What might happen to her?
A. reduced planning abilities
B. deafness
C. coma
D. blindness

As sunlight decreases in the fall, the amount of serotonin released _________ and the amount of melatonin ________.

A. randomly fluctuates; decreases

B. randomly fluctuates; increases

C. decreases; increases

D. increases; decreases

Characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks
A. Night Terrors
B. Insomnia
C. Narcolepsy
D. Sleep Apnea

The ability of brain tissue to take on new functions, usually occurs after parts of the brain have been damaged
A. Neurogenesis
B. Brain Plasticity
C. Somatic Regeneration
D. Stem Cell Lesions

Arguments as to whether psychological differences between men and women result from biological or social influences most clearly involve a debate over the issue of
A. evolution versus natural selection.
B. evolution versus natural selection.
C. structuralism versus functionalism.
D. nature versus nurture.


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