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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate:
A. learning and memory
B. pain and pleasure
C. muscle movements
D. sleep, moods/emotions

What is replication?

A. cloning the scientist who first did an experiment

B. doing an experiment for the first time

C. doing an experiment again and getting different results

D. Doing an experiment again and getting the same results

Which theory of dreams believes that we dream as a result of threatening wishes and desires being changed into harmless symbols?

A. the activation-synthesis theory

B. Freud’s theory of dreams

C. the extension of waking life theory

D. spiritual world theory

The limbic system includes the __.
A. Cerebellum, Pons, Medulla
B. Hippocampus, Amygdala, Hypothalamus
C. Spinal cord, corpus callosum, amygdala
D. reticular formation, hypothalamus, cerebral cortex

The advantage of this descriptive method of research is that it creates an immense amount of data to be gathered quickly and inexpensively.
A. Survey
B. Observational
C. Correlational
D. Experiments
E. Case Study

Arguments as to whether psychological differences between men and women result from biological or social influences most clearly involve a debate over the issue of
A. evolution versus natural selection.
B. evolution versus natural selection.
C. structuralism versus functionalism.
D. nature versus nurture.

As sunlight decreases in the fall, the amount of serotonin released _________ and the amount of melatonin ________.

A. randomly fluctuates; decreases

B. randomly fluctuates; increases

C. decreases; increases

D. increases; decreases

Dr. Winkle conducts basic research on the systematic changes in intelligence associated with aging. It is most likely that Dr. Winkle is a(n) ________ psychologist.
A. biological
B. social
C. developmental
D. industrial-organizational

Wrinkled part of the brain’s surface where the body processes information
A. Forebrain
B. Cerebral Cortex
C. Corpus Callosum
D. Cerebellum

The inability to get to sleep, stay asleep, or get a good quality of sleep.

A. Insomnia

B. Sleep Apnea

C. Narcolepsy

D. Microsleep

Which of the following psychologists are most associated with dreams?

A. Freud

B. Bandura

C. Asch

D. Binet

Tim is having difficulty processing anything hot when he touches something, which lobe is not functioning properly?

A. Occipital Lobe

B. Temporal Lobe

C. Parietal Lobe

D. Frontal Lobe

The first psychology laboratory was established by
A. Wilhelm Wundt.
B. William James.
C. Sigmund Freud.
D. John B. Watson.

A person has a stroke on her occipital lobe.  What might happen to her?
A. reduced planning abilities
B. deafness
C. coma
D. blindness

Characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks
A. Night Terrors
B. Insomnia
C. Narcolepsy
D. Sleep Apnea

Damage this and you won’t form new memories
A. Hypothalamus
B. Hippocampus
C. Amygdala
D. Thalamus

This is the gap or space between two neurons
A. Dendrites
B. Cell Body
C. Synapse
D. Axon

Loss of sleep.

A. Sleep Deprivation

B. Microsleep

C. Narcolepsy

D. Non-REM Sleep

Which approach to psychology focuses on how we encode, process, store, and retrieve information?
A. biological
B. cognitive
C. evolutionary
D. psychodynamic

What is the chemical used by a neuron to transmit an impulse across a synapse to another nerve cell?
A. Neurotransmitters
B. Synapse
C. Threshold
D. Impulse

A functional MRI (fMRI) and a PET scan both:
A. provide a way to measure the functioning and activity of the brain.
B. produce black and white scans of the brain’s structures.
C. create selective injuries that allow researchers to study brain function.
D. provide detailed computerized interpretations of brain dysfunctions.

Known as the “Little Brain” and is in charge of balance and coordinating movements
A. Thalamus
B. Reticular Formation
C. Hypothalamus
D. Cerebellum

Which approach to psychology focuses on how behavior and thinking vary across situations and cultures?

A. humanistic

B. psychodynamic

C. social-cultural

D. cognitive

Which perspective would focus on the extent to which different styles of parenting are encouraged among various ethnic communities?
A. cognitive
B. psychodynamic
C. social-cultural
D. biological

This research method is a descriptive technique in which one individual or group is studied in depth in the hope of revealing universal principles
A. Case Study
B. Survey
C. Observational
D. Correlational
E. Experiments


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