Medical Quiz

Doctor Equipments Quiz


What is used to check your throat?

A. tongue depressors

B. otoscope

C. heart monitor

D. drip

What is used to check your ears

A. otoscope

B. cotton buds

C. swabs

D. stethoscope

What is used to listen the sound of the heart and lungs?

A. otoscope

B. stethoscope

C. hearscope

D. heartscope

What is used to measure the temperature?

A. thermometer

B. scale

C. checker

D. stethoscope

What is used put around part of someone’s body, forming a hard case to protect them while a broken bone repairs itself?

A. bandage

B. plaster

C. plaster cast

D. otoscope

What is used by people who have trouble with breathing?

A. mouth mask

B. nose mask

C. face mask

D. oxygen mask

What is used to cover and protect small cuts on the skin?

A. bandage

B. plaster

C. swabs

D. plaster cast

What is used to clean small cuts and your ears?

A. tongue depressor

B. cotton sticks

C. swabs

D. cotton bups

What do you need to take to make you feel better when you get sick?

A. medicine

B. orange juice

C. doctors

D. nurses


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