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Muscular System Quiz


When you walk, muscles in your legs contract and relax. This is a great example of the ____ system in action.

A. muscular system

B. circulatory system

C. excretory system

D. nervous system

A place where two bones meet is called a

A. Hip Bone

B. Synovial Fluid

C. Joint

D. Biceps

Muscles that are attached to bones are called _____ muscles.

A. skeletal

B. smooth

C. cardiac

When muscles contract, the length of the muscle

A. lengthens

B. extends

C. shortens

D. stretches

Which cell organelle provides energy for muscle contraction?

A. lysosome

B. nucleus

C. endoplasmic reticulum

D. mitochondria

Another name for the prime mover is

A. antagonist

B. agonist

C. synergist

D. fixator

Muscles always work in _____

A. pairs

B. groups of 3

C. bones

D. joints

Cardiac muscles are ONLY located in the heart



What is the job of the skeletal muscle’s? 

A. To Help You Breathe

B. To Move Your Bones

C. To Produce Carbon Dioxide 

D. To Keep You Warm

Muscles that you cannot control are called _____.

A. voluntary

B. involuntary

attached to bones

A. cardiac

B. smooth

C. skeletal

Which muscles are involuntary?

A. Skeletal

B. Smooth

C. Cardiac

D. smooth and cardiac

What do tendons attach?

A. muscles to ligaments

B. muscles to other muscles

C. muscles to bones

D. muscles to organs

Muscle fatigue is due in part to the accumulation of:

A. lactic acid


C. carbon dioxide

D. pyruvic acid

A muscle that helps the prime mover is called a

A. antagonist

B. agonist

C. synergist

D. fixator

The outermost layer of connective tissue of a muscle is the:

A. fascicle.

B. epimysium.

C. endomysium.

D. perimysium.

How should you care for your muscular system. Except?

A. Exercise regularly.

B. Warm-up before and cool-down after exercise.

C. Eat healthy foods, especially foods high in protein.

D. Eat fast food on a daily basis.

E. Stretch to remain flexible.

Muscles that you control are known as….

A. Involuntary

B. Fast Twitch

C. Voluntary

D. Slow Twitch

What chemical helps regenerate ATP?

A. Magnesium Phosphate

B. Creatine Phosphate

C. Creatine Sulfate

D. Magnesium Sulfate

The thin filament is composed of: 

A. Myosin

B. Actin


A. skeletal

B. cardiac

C. smooth

D. smooth and cardiac

What is the name of the neurotransmitter that is released from the neuron to the sarcolemma?

A. Acetylcholine

B. Acetone


D. Calcium

The Light I Band consists of… 

A. Myosin filaments only

B. Actin filaments only

C. Myosin and actin filaments

D. none of the above

Muscles are attached to bones by _____.

A. Ligaments

B. Tendons

C. Cartilage

D. Axons

The part of a skeletal muscle from z-line to z-line is called

A. nucleus

B. H-zone

C. perimysium

D. sarcomere


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