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Muscular System Quiz


Muscle contraction relies on the stimulus from the ______ system.

A. circulatory

B. endocrine

C. nervous

D. respiratory

Muscles are attached to bones by _____.

A. Ligaments

B. Tendons

C. Cartilage

D. Axons

Smooth muscles are

A. Voluntary

B. Involuntary

C. N/A

D. N/A

Your stomach digesting food is an example of what kind of movement?

A. Voluntary

B. Involuntary

Which type of muscle cell is striated, voluntary and has multiple nuclei located at the periphery?

A. Cardiac

B. Smooth

C. Skeletal

A person who has a disease that inhibits the production of cholinesterase would have what kind of symptoms?

A. prolonged muscle contraction

B. flacid muscles

C. inability to speak

D. paralyzed

The muscular system’s main function includes all of this except

A. allows movement in body

B. maintain posture

C. stabilize joints

D. converts food into nutrients

______ are bands of tissue that attach a muscle to a bone.

A. Tendons

B. Ligaments

C. Joints

D. Veins

Another name for the prime mover is

A. antagonist

B. agonist

C. synergist

D. fixator

Muscles that you can control are called _____ muscles.

A. voluntary

B. involuntary

Flexible tissue that covers the ends of your bones at joints is called

A. Synovial Fluid

B. Cartilage

C. Smooth Muscle

D. Biceps

Involuntary muscle

A. muscle found in the heart

B. muscle found in the organs

C. muscle that works automatically

D. all of these

The heart muscle is

A. Voluntary

B. involuntary

C. N/A

D. N/A

Muscles that are attached to bones are called _____ muscles.

A. skeletal

B. smooth

C. cardiac

Your Heart beating is an example of what kind of movement?

A. Voluntary

B. Involuntary

_____ refers to muscles attached to immovable bone.

A. Place

B. Origin

C. N/A

D. N/A

Tetanus is…?

A. A rare condition caused by the toxins of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria

B. A crippling, and potentially deadly, infectious disease caused by the poliovirus.

C. An autoimmune disorder that causes weakness of the voluntary muscles.

D. A bacterial disease that affects the muscles and nerves.

The muscular system works directly with the ____ system to allow the body to move.

A. Skeletal

B. Endocrine

C. Circulatory

D. Digestive

All of the following are functions of the muscular system EXCEPT:

A. blood production

B. heat production

C. movement

D. posture & stability

What type of muscle tissue is found in the heart?

A. skeletal

B. smooth

C. cardiac

D. voluntary

When you walk, muscles in your legs contract and relax. This is a great example of the ____ system in action.

A. muscular system

B. circulatory system

C. excretory system

D. nervous system

attached to bones

A. cardiac

B. smooth

C. skeletal

The most important muscle in the body is the

A. Bicep

B. Tricep

C. Heart

D. Hamstring

When muscles are attached in three tendons of origin they are called ____

A. quadriceps

B. triceps

C. N/A

D. N/A

How should you care for your muscular system. Except?

A. Exercise regularly.

B. Warm-up before and cool-down after exercise.

C. Eat healthy foods, especially foods high in protein.

D. Eat fast food on a daily basis.

E. Stretch to remain flexible.


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