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Food System & Nutrients Quiz


Which vitamin helps the absorption of iron?

A. Vitamin A

B. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin D

The consumption sector of the food system is concerned with?

A. How food gets delivered to consumers

B. Anyone who buys or consumes goods & services

C. Future food developments

D. Consumer trends and market research

Which sector of the food system is involved with marketing, merchandising & selling?

A. Distribution

B. Processing

C. Consumption

D. Production

The food system includes the sectors of:

A. Farming, processing, distribution, retail, research

B. Waste management, protection & sustainability

C. Processing, Production, Research, Data & Consumption

D. Production, processing, distribution, consumption & research

Fairtrade advocates for:

A. Better terms of trade for farmers in developing countries

B. Better work conditions for farmers in developing countries

C. Protecting children & supporting local communities

D. ALL of the above

What is food protection concerned with?

A. Protecting food from bumps & bruises

B. Ensuring that food supplied to consumers is safe to eat

C. Ensuring food is not stolen from consumers

D. Protecting poor farmers so that their families have adequate food to eat

What is Fairtrade all about?

A. better prices and improved working conditions for farmers & workers in developing countries.

B. more trade for less money

C. less money for workers so that companies get cheap produce

D. less crops

Principles affecting the food system include:

A. Sustainability, fair trade & environmental protection

B. Sustainability, waste management & production

C. HACCP, waste management & fair trade

D. Sustainability, waste management & protection

Protein foods which contain all of the essential amino acids are known as:

A. Incomplete proteins

B. Complete protein

C. Essential protein

D. Denatured proteins

A person who only eats food derived from plants and excludes all animal & animal derivatives is known as a:

A. Lacto-ovo vegetarian

B. Lacto-vegetarian

C. Vegan

D. vegetarian

The production sector is largely concerned with?

A. Agriculture & fisheries industries

B. Processing food to make it edible

C. Primary & secondary processing techniques

D. Agriculture & milling of grains

The functions of fat include:

A. Providing concentrated energy & protecting vital organs

B. Providing essential amino acids & warmth

C. Providing concentrated energy & soluble fibre

D. Protecting vital organs & building strong bones & teeth

Essential amino acids are manufactured by the human body.



Which of the following foods is NOT a protein?

A. Orange

B. Steak

C. Eggs

D. Chicken

Which nutrient provides your body with energy and fibre?

A. carbohydrates

B. fat

C. protein

D. vitamins

The nutrient responsible for growth & repair as well as regulating body processes is?

A. Carbohydrate

B. Complex Carbohydrates

C. Protein

D. Water

Food protection is about ensuring safe food. Eat Safe Brisbane is an example of:

A. Federal Government protection

B. Queensland Government Protection

C. Local council protection

D. A federal food safety program


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