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Reproductive System Vocabulary Quiz


Cells that produce testosterone in the testes

A. acrosome

B. mammary

C. leydigs

D. ovum

A fluid produced by the mammary glands in late pregnancy and just after labor.

A. human chorionic gonadotropin

B. colosturm

C. placenta

D. ovarian cycle

tube where sperm are collected ad stand after leaving the testes

A. epididyimus

B. seminiferous tubules

C. vas defrens

D. urethra

fluid-filled sac that surrounds the fetus

A. placenta

B. oocyte

C. amniotic sac

D. scrotum

hormone produced by the placenta

A. gastrula

B. human chorionic gonadotropin

C. amniotic fluid

D. secondary sex characteristics

Tumors of the myometrium

A. placenta

B. fibroids

C. cervical cancer

D. breast cancer

roll of skin that covers the glans of the penis

A. semen

B. foreskin

C. menopause

D. ovum

A nearly mature egg or ovum

A. Graafian follicle

B. ovarian follicle

C. oocyte

D. ovum

An embryonic stage in which the three basic tissue germ layers form

A. blastocyst

B. fetus

C. gastrula

D. placenta

Stage of development when sexual reproduction becomes possible.

A. menses

B. labor

C. puberty

D. colostrum

The ovarian cycle of events that take place before ovulation

A. luteal phase

B. follicular phase

C. proliferative phase

D. cowpers gland

A gland in the male that surrounds the base of the urethra

A. bulbourethral gland

B. prostate gland

C. cowper’s gland

D. seminal fluid

Tubes in the testes where sperm is produced

A. vas defrens

B. seminiferous tubules

C. epidiymis

D. cervical cancer

delivery of the fetus by surgical incision

A. cesarean section

B. prgnancy

C. labor

D. menopause

glands that help produce semen

A. seminal vesicle

B. vas defrens

C. testes

D. seminiferous tubules

the shedding of the endometrium

A. menses

B. blastula

C. placenta

D. ovulation

Attachment of the embryo to the endometrial lining

A. implantation

B. fertilization

C. gastrula

D. fetus

a fluid flled sac in which an egg matures

A. graafian cycle

B. ovulation

C. ovum

D. ovarian follicle

Outer lips of the vulva

A. labia minora

B. uterus

C. labia majora

D. ovum

A structure formed in the follicle after the egg is released.

A. oocyte

B. corpus luteum

C. ovum

D. uterus

term for female sex cell

A. semen

B. oocyte

C. ovum

D. fallopian tube

cancer of the mammary glands

A. breast cancer

B. cervical cancer

C. ectopic pregnancy

D. gastrula

A packet of enzymes in a sperms head

A. acrosome

B. epididymis

C. ovum

D. glans

Tube that transports sperm from the testes to the urethra

A. placenta

B. uterus

C. cervix

D. vas deferens

the mucous membrane lining of the inner surface of the uterus

A. endometrium

B. semen

C. ovulation

D. fimbriae


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