Medical Quiz

Immune Response Quiz


What type of microbe is used in a vaccine?

A. it doesn’t really matter

B. a damaged one

C. a weakened or inactivated one

D. a normal one

The blue molecule in this image is a(n) _______

A. Antibody

B. Antigen

C. Pathogen

D. Blood cell

The body detects pathogens by their…

A. Antigens

B. Antibodies

C. Histamines


Antibodies are made by…

A. Your own cells.

B. The pathogen.

The part of foreign materials that cause a response from the immune system are called _____________________.

A. Antigens

B. Active Immunity

C. Antibodies

D. Antibiotics

Viruses are not considered living organisms even though they have several characteristics of living things.  What is the reason viruses are not considered alive?

A. They are too small.

B. A virus is a living organism.

C. They need a host to reproduce.

D. Viruses do not have DNA/genetic material.

Disease-causing microorganism, such as a bacterium or virus.

A. pathogen

B. allergen

C. prion

D. antigen

The purpose of introducing weakened microbes into the body of an organism is to stimulate the

A. production of living microbes that will protect the organism from future attacks

B. production of antigens that will prevent infections from occurring

C. immune system to react and prepare the organism to fight future invasions by these microbes

D. replication of genes that direct the synthesis of hormones that regulate the number of microbes

Proteins produced by B cells and designed to mark antigens to be destroyed, specific to the antigen.

A. Antigens

B. Active Immunity

C. Antibodies

D. Antibiotics

Antibiotics work against most

A. Bacteria

B. Bacteria & Viruses

C. Vaccines

D. Viruses

The orange molecule in this image is a(n) _______

A. Antibody

B. Antigen

C. Antibiotic

D. Blood cell

Antigens are part of…

A. Your own immune system.

B. The pathogen.

Which of the following is not apart of your body’s first line of defense?

A. Skin

B. Mucus

C. Stomach Acid

D. Antibodies

What is the role of antibodies?

A. Kills pathogens

B. Helps activate other immune cells

C. Produces antibodies

D. Binds to antigens and neutralizes pathogen


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