Medical Quiz

Nutrition in Animals Quiz


The ___ helps in mixing saliva with food.

A. Heart

B. Stomach

C. Nose

D. Tongue

The mode of feeding of the mosquito_____.

A. Chewing

B. Cuddling

C. Scraping

D. Sucking

____ is the largest gland in our body.

A. Skin

B. Hand

C. Liver

D. Leg

Water from the undigested food is absorbed mainly in the_____.

A. Stomach

B. Food Pipe

C. Small Intestine

D. Large Intestine

The enzymes present in the saliva convert

A. fats into fatty acids and glycerol.

B. starch into simple sugars.

C. proteins into amino acids.

D. complex sugars into simple sugars.

____transports the nutrients from the undigested food to every cell of the body.

A. Oxygen

B. Blood

C. Water

D. Nitrogen

Mostly grass eating animals are called____.

A. Carnivore

B. Omnivore

C. Ruminants

D. Scavenger

The piercing and tearing teeth is called

A. incisor

B. Canine

C. Pre-molar

D. Molar

_____ takes in food by the use of pseudopodia.

A. Goat

B. Tiger

C. Amoeba

D. Human

Glucose combines with oxygen and produces _________.

A. Gas

B. Energy

C. Liquid

D. Carbon

_____secretes pancreatic juice.

A. Liver

B. Brain

C. Pancreas

D. Skin

What is the finger-like projections found in the digestive system called?

A. Protozoa

B. Villi

Choose the correct order after reading the statement below.

Digestion is a complex process involving:
A. Ingestion, Absorption, Digestion, Assimilation, Egestion

B. Ingestion, Digestion, Assimilation, Absorption, Egestion

C. Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption, Assimilation, Egestion

D. Ingestion, Absorption, Assimilation, Digestion, Egestion

The basic process of digestion of food and release of energy is not the same in all animals.



Which of the following pair of teeth differ in structure but are similar in function?

A. canines and incisors.

B. molars and premolars.

C. incisors and molars.

D. premolars and canines.


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