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Cholera Quiz


Is cholera infectious or not?

A. Yes, it is

B. No, it is not

What is the causative agent (pathogens) of cholera?

A. Vibrio cholerae

B. Plasmodium

C. Mycobacterium tuberculosis

D. Variola virus

If in covid-19, we diagnose the infection by taking the sample from our nasopharynx. How is the diagnose method of cholera?


B. microscopical analysis of blood

C. microscopical analysis of faeces

D. Urine test

How is vibrio cholerae spread?

A. oral fecal route

B. airborne

C. spoiled food

How to treat people with cholera?

A. use mask

B. give solutions of salts and glucose

C. give the patient delicious food

What symptoms that we can see from people with cholera?

A. severe diarrhea

B. cough

C. sneeze

D. fully hydrated

a serious disease that affects the stomach and bowels, usually caused by dirty water or food

A. rabies

B. cholera

C. polio

D. malaria

Disease causing agents such as bacteria and viruses are called _______________.

A. pathogens

B. antibodies

C. villians

D. particles

The Vibrio cholerae won’t survive at which pH?

A. 2

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

From the list below, which one is not the methods of cholera transmission?

A. water borne

B. air borne

C. food borne

D. infected utensil

What is Vibrio cholerae?

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

C. Animal

When corona virus needs 2-14 days of incubation. What time for Cholera virus to incubate in our body?

A. less than 2 hours

B. 2 days – 7 days

C. 2 hours – 5 days

D. more than 2 weeks


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