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Renal Quiz


The kidneys lie retroperitoneally on the posterior abdominal wall at vertebral levels from ________ to _________.

A. T12-L3

B. T2- L1

C. L1-L4

D. T2-T12

Which of these is a cause of pre-renal AKI?

A. Renal calculi

B. Glomerulonephritis

C. Severe dehydration

D. Prostatic enlargement

Connective tissue that lies outside the perirenal fat and encloses the kidneys and suprarenal glands.

A. renal capsule

B. pararenal fat

C. perinephric fat

D. renal fascia

People with ______ have kidneys that move downward out of their normal position when they stand up.

A. nephroptosis

B. ureterolithiasis

C. nephrolithiasis

D. hydronephrosis

Select the correct order regarding to renal blood flow

A. renal artery, segmental artery, interlobular artery, interlobar artery, aorta

B. renal artery, segmental artery, interlobar artery, arcuate artery, interlobular artery

C. aorta, renal artery, segmental artery, interlobar artery, arcuate artery, interlobular artery

D. aorta, renal artery, arcuate artery, segmental artery, interlobular artery

An estimation of the efficiency with which substances are cleared from the blood by the kidneys is known as?

A. Glomerular filtration rate

B. Renal filtration rate

C. Rate of bile production

D. Renal threshold

Time of collection for creatinine clearance is 24hrs but it is inputted into the equation in minutes – how many minutes?

A. 720mins

B. 1080mins

C. 1440mins

D. 1800mins

CKD is defined as a GFR of less than what?

A. 15ml/min

B. 30ml/min

C. 60ml/min

D. 90ml/min

What’s one of the main limitations of using a dipstick to test urine samples?

A. It takes a long time

B. It is a very invasive method

C. They have to be used in a hospital setting

D. The results can be open to interpretation

In a creatinine clearance test, urine and plasma creatinine are measured in what unit?

A. ng/l

B. mmol/l

C. umol/l

D. IU/l

The fat inside the renal fascia is known as _________.

A. pararenal fat

B. paranephric fat

C. perirenal fat

D. adrenalfat

What is the most accurate measurement to use via clearance with regards GFR?

A. Inulin

B. Insulin

C. Plasma urea

D. Alkaline Phosphatase

What protein is the smallest of the large proteins usually held back by the glomerular membrane?

A. Globulin

B. Albumin

C. Fibrinogen

D. IgG

Why is cystatin c not used routinely in clinical practice to estimate GFR?

A. It can’t be used to ascertain renal function

B. It is not endogenous

C. It is too costly

D. It is already used widely in clinical practice

The right suprarenal vein drains into the _____.

A. gonadal vein

B. phrenic vein

C. renal vein


Which of these is a cause of post-renal AKI?

A. Sepsis

B. Blood loss

C. Glomerulonephiritis

D. Renal calculi

AKI is an abbreviation for

A. Adequate kidney involvement

B. Acute kidney injury

C. Ascending kidney inadequacy

D. Aggressive kidney insult

What is clearance a measurement of?


B. Hypertension

C. Acute hepatitis


Each kidney moves about _________ in a vertical direction during the movement of the diaphragm that occurs with deep breathing.

A. 1 to 2 cm

B. 3 inch

C. 1 to 1.5 inches

D. 5cm

The right kidney is posteriorly related to __________.

A. ribs 11-12

B. rib 12

C. rib 9

D. ribs 8-10

Which of these is a cause of intra-renal AKI?

A. Nephrotoxins

B. Sepsis

C. Severe burns

D. Renal calculi

The adult reference range for plasma urea is

A. 3.3-6.7umol/l

B. 3.3-6.7mmol/l

C. 60-120umol/l

D. 60-120mmol/l

The inferior suprarenal artery is a branch of the ______.

A. inferior phrenic artery

B. aorta

C. renal artery

D. gonadal artery

Name a food that can impact on the colour of urine

A. Aubergine

B. Beetroot

C. Carrot

D. Broccoli

The suprarenal gland are enclosed by renal fascia but are separated from the kidneys by the ________ .

A. pararenal fat

B. perirenal fat

C. renal capsule

D. renal fascia


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