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Which of the following is true during inspiration?

A. Intrapleural pressure is positive

B. The volume in the lungs is less than the functional residual capacity(FRC)

C. Alveolar pressure equals atmospheric pressure

D. Intrapleural pressure is more negative than it is during expiration

Which of the following causes increased aldosterone secretion?

A. Decreased blood volume

B. Administration of an inhibitor of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE)

C. Hyperosmolarity

D. Hypokalemia

Which of the following characteristics is shared by simple and facilitated diffusion of glucose?

A. Occurs down an electrochemical gradient

B. Is saturable

C. Requires metabolic energy

D. Is inhibited by the presence of galactose

Which of the following groups of proteins assist in the folding of other proteins?

A. Proteases

B. Proteosomes

C. Templates

D. Chaperones

All of the following are true about Sickle disease,except

A. Single nucleotide change results in change of Glutamine to Valine

B. RFLP result from a single base change

C. ‘Sticky patch’ is generated as a result of replacement of a nonpolar residue with a polar residue

D. HbS confers resistance against malaria in heterozygotes.

Cutting which structure causes blindness in the temporal fields of the left and right eyes?

A. Optic nerve

B. Optic chiasm

C. Optic tract

D. Geniculocalcarine tract

Substrate level phosphorylation is by:

A. Pyruvate kinase

B. Phosphofructokinase

C. Hexokinase

D. ATP Synthase

Which of the following is not an enzyme of Urea Cycle?

A. Arginosuccinate synthetase

B. Ornithine transcarbamoylase

C. Carbamoyl Phosphate Synthetase

D. Glutamate Dehydrogenase

The first step in fatty acid synthesis involves:

A. Acetyl CoA Carboxylase

B. Beta-Hydroxyl CoA Hydrogenase

C. Acetyl Dehydrogenase

D. Pyruvate kinase

An increase in contractility is demonstrated on a Frank–Starling diagram by

A. increased cardiac output for a given end-diastolic volume

B. increased cardiac output for a given end-systolic volume

C. decreased cardiac output for a given end-diastolic volume

D. decreased cardiac output for a given end-systolic volume

Shine-Dalgarno sequence in bacterial mRNA is near:

A. AUG codon

B. UAA codon

C. UAG codon

D. UGA codon

Glycosphingolipid is not made up of:

A. Glucose

B. Glycerol

C. Sphingosine

D. Fatty acids

Selective destruction of the zona glomerulosa of the adrenal cortex would produce a deficiency of which hormone?

A. Aldosterone

B. Androstenedione

C. Cortisol

D. Dehydroepiandrosterone

Correct sequence of enzymes required for DNA formation is:

A. DNA polymerase → protein unwinding enzyme → DNA ligase → DNA Isomerase → Polymerase I

B. Protein unwinding enzyme → polymerase I → DNA ligase → DNA isomerase → DNA polymerase

C. RNA polymerase → DNA polymerase III →DNA polymerase I → DNA ligase

D. RNA polymerase → DNA polymerase III → DNA ligase → exonuclease → DNA polymerase I

The greatest pressure decrease in the circulation occurs across the arterioles because

A. they have the greatest surface area

B. the velocity of blood flow through them is the highest

C. the velocity of blood flow through them is the lowest

D. they have the greatest resistance

Carboxylation of clotting factors by VItamin K is required to be biologically active.Which of the following amino acid is carboxylated?

A. Histidine

B. Histamine

C. Glutamate

D. Aspartate

Sensory receptor potentials

A. are action potentials

B. always bring the membrane potential of a receptor cell toward threshold

C. always bring the membrane potential of a receptor cell away from threshold

D. are graded in size, depending on stimulus intensity

Which of the following lung volumes or capacities can be measured by spirometry?

A. Functional residual capacity (FRC)

B. Physiologic dead space

C. Total lung capacity (TLC)

D. Vital capacity (VC)

Severe thiamine deficiency is associated with:

A. Decreased RBC transketolase activity

B. Increased clotting time

C. Decreased RBC transaminase activity

D. Increased xanthurenic acid excretion

During exercise, total peripheral resistance (TPR) decreases because of the effect of

A. the sympathetic nervous system on splanchnic arterioles

B. the parasympathetic nervous system on skeletal muscle arterioles

C. local metabolites on skeletal muscle arterioles

D. local metabolites on cerebral arterioles

Cholecystokinin (CCK) inhibits

A. gastric emptying

B. pancreatic HCO3– secretion

C. pancreatic enzyme secretion

D. contraction of the gallbladder

Metabolites in HMP Shunt are all except:

A. Glycerol-3-phosphate

B. Sedoheptulose-7-phosphate

C. Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate

D. Xylulose-5-phosphate

Sequence of events in glycogenolysis:

A. Phosphorylase, glucan transferase, debranching,phosphorylase

B. Debranching, phosphorylase, transferase, phosphorylase

C. Transferase, phosphorylase, debranching, phosphorylase

D. Any of the above

Radiolabelled DNA was allowed to replicate twice in a nonradioactive environment. Which of the following is true?

A. All the strands will have radioactivity

B. Half of the DNA will have no radioactivity

C. No strands will have radioactivity

D. Three–fourth of the DNA replicated will have radioactivity.

Which is true about enzyme kinetics for competitive inhibition:

A. Low km high affinity

B. High km high affinity

C. High Km low affinity

D. Low Km low affinity


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