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Cell Theory & Melanoma Quiz


After a cell divides (i.e. skin cell), the result is

A. a daughter cell with half the genetic material as the original (parent cell)

B. a daughter cell with the same genetic material as the original (parent cell)

C. 2 daughter cells, each with half the genetic material

D. 2 identical daughter cells with the same genetic material

This scientist was the first to identify cells and name them:

A. Hooke

B. Leeunwenhoek

C. Schleiden

D. Virchow

This scientist proposed that all cells come from other cells:

A. Leeunwenhoek

B. Schleiden

C. Schwann

D. Virchow

The Cell Theory states…

A. atoms create all matter

B. living things evolve

C. the cell is the backbone of all matter

D. cells are the basic unit of structure and organization of organisms

Mitosis is accurately defined as the division of the nucleus (where genetic material is stored)



There are 3 main layers of human skin.



All organisms are made of:

A. organelles

B. cytoplasm


D. cells

The basic unit of structure & function of living things is known as the

A. skin

B. chromosome

C. cell

D. genetic material

According to the picture, this is indicative of

A. dark skin growth that is not cancerous caused by a clustering of healthy pigment cells

B. a mole

C. a symmetrical pigmented skin

D. abnormal cell growth in the skin that is responsible for pigmentation

The ___?____ is the largest organ of the human body.

A. liver

B. small intestine

C. total muscle mass

D. skin

Cancer is best described as

A. an infectious disease

B. any harmful change that disrupts or interferes with the normal function of the body.

C. uncontrolled cell growth and division that can result in masses of cells that invade and destroy healthy tissues

D. melanoma.

All of the following are functions of cell division EXCEPT

A. to form new cells for growth and development

B. to ensure half the number of genetic material after division

C. to replace old and worn-out cells

D. to replace / repair damaged cells

Which instrument / tool is commonly used to study cells at a total magnification of at least 1, 500x?

A. magnifying glass

B. compound light microscope

C. electron microscope

D. simple light microscope

Which of the following examples below is a good example of an infectious disease?

A. Diabetes


C. Coronary artery disease

D. Muscular dystrophy

Chromosomes (genetic material) are located outside of the nucleus of the cell.



During cell division, the genetic material in a cell needs to duplicate — before it divides into 2.




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