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Biomedical Quiz


Electrodynamic vibration transducers are based on _____________

A. a) Magnetostriction

B. b) Electromagnetic induction

C. c) Self inductance

D. d) None of the mentioned

Which of the following instrument is used for recording the electrical activity of the muscles?

A. a) ECG

B. b) EMG

C. c) PCG

D. d) EEG

Aesthetics of appearance is called ____________

A. a) orthosis

B. b) cosmesis

C. c) lymphosis

D. d) homeostasis

For how much time period, the weighting factors are updated to allow for quick adaptation to signal quality changes?

A. a) Every 192 ms

B. b) Every 16 ms

C. c) Every 215 ms

D. d) Every 200 ms

nterruption or interference with normal physiological and developmental processes or structures is called _________

A. a) Functional Limitation

B. b) Pathophysiology

C. c) Societal Limitation

D. d) Modality-Specific

Electromechanical system can be used for measuring vibration.

A. a) True

B. b) False

Which of the following can be measured using tachometers?

A. a) Angular speed

B. b) Linear speed

C. c) Acceleration

D. d) Vibration

Which of the following is used for measuring emf between plates of transducers?

A. a) Low impedance voltmeter

B. b) High impedance voltmeter

C. c) Any voltmeter

D. d) None of the mentioned

What should be CMRR of preamplifier upto 5 Khz?

A. a) 10 dB

B. b) 30 dB

C. c) 90 dB

D. d) greater than 90 dB

In order to detect the QRS, the detection threshold is kept as ________ to prevent the detection of T waves or baseline noise as QRS complexes during a complete heart block or asystole.

A. a) 0.15 V

B. b) 0.015 mV

C. c) 0.015 mV

D. d) 0.00015 V

EMG is recorded by using surface electrodes.

A. a) True

B. b) False

The heart rate is computed by averaging the most recent _________________

A. a) 12 P waves

B. b) 12 R-R intervals

C. c) 12 QRS complex

D. d) 12 R waves

A model of the normal QRS complex, called ___________

A. a) ECG model

B. b) QRS model

C. c) Template

D. d) Detection model

What is the typical range of EMG signals?

A. a) 0.025 to 0.050 mV

B. b) 0.050 to 0.1 mV

C. c) 0.1 to 0.5 mV

D. d) 0.5 to 1 mV

EMG instrument contain frequency component extending up to ____________ Khz.

A. a) 1

B. b) 5

C. c) 10

D. d) 15

n artificial limb, a sensory substitution system, or an augmentative communication aid is prosthetic devices __________

A. a) therapeutic device

B. b) diagnostics device

C. c) orthosis device

D. d) prosthetic device

Who gave the ST/AR algorithm in 1999?

A. a) Hewlett Packard

B. b) Jen and Hwang

C. c) Clynes

D. d) Cox and Nolle

Which of the following quantities are sensitive to electromechanical flow meters?

A. a) Viscosity

B. b) Density

C. c) Temperature

D. d) None of the mentioned

he area of the P wave is ______ wide and ends ______ before the R wave peak.

A. a) 120 ms, 200 ms

B. b) 200 ms, 120 ms

C. c) 100 ms, 215 ms

D. d) 215 ms, 100 ms

Which wave detection is used to differentiate between a Sinus Rhythm and a Supraventricular Rhythm?

A. a) P wave

B. b) QRS complex

C. c) T wave

D. d) R wave

What is the value of the refractory period from the previously identified QRS complex?

A. a) 200 ms

B. b) 198 ms

C. c) 192 ms

D. d) 215 ms

Which of the following is not a soft tissue?

A. a) ligament

B. b) bone

C. c) tendons

D. d) skin

If the height of the P wave is X, then the height of the R wave is _____

A. a) X/32

B. b) 32/X

C. c) X/16

D. d) 32X

Whose measurements are important for myoelectric control of prosthetic devices?

A. a) VCG

B. b) ECG

C. c) EEG

D. d) EMG

What is used to display EMG waveforms?

A. a) Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

B. b) Analog storage Oscilloscope

C. c) Digital Oscilloscope

D. d) Dual-beam Oscilloscope


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