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Which virus is the corona virus?





The first case of novel corona virus was identified in?

A. Beijing

B. Shanghai

C. Wuhan, Hubei

D. Tianjin

How many days that Corona Virus will incubate in human body ?

A. 7

B. 14

C. 21

D. 28

Loss of smell and taste is due to the deficiency of?

A. Magnesium

B. Calcium

C. Vitamin D

D. Zinc

Study of Corona deals with?

A. Mycology

B. Virology

C. Pathology

D. Bacteriology

How to prevent the virus from spreading?

A. use face mask

B. eat a lot

C. play in a group of friends

D. go shopping

What does corona mean?

A. Virus

B. King

C. Crown

D. Pandemic

Washing your hand is considered to be one of the very best defenses you can take to be prevent the spread of the Virus . It is recommended that you wash your hand for at last….

A. 10 Seconds

B. 20 seconds

C. 30 Seconds

D. 40 Seconds

Who is more at risk of coronavirus?

A. The youth

B. Older People

C. Babies

What part of the body does the virus effect?




What are the common symptoms of COVID-19?

A. Dry Cough

B. Fever

C. Tiredness

D. All the above


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