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Joints Quiz


When kicking a football the knee

A. Flexes

B. Extends

C. Abducts

D. Adducts

The joint in your knees is most similar to:

A. The pendulum in a grandfather clock

B. The wheels on an office chair

C. The sliding mechanism on a drawer

D. The hinge on a cupboard door

This type of joint allows the your first two vertebrate to rotate as in shaking your head no

A. condyloid

B. gliding

C. pivot

D. saddle

The main purpose of synovial fluid is:

A. Keeping bones moist

B. Lubrication

C. Strengthening tendons and cartilage

D. Protecting the spinal cord

The following is NOT one of the 3 Joint Classifications..

A. Cartilaginous

B. Cartilage

C. Fibrous

D. Synovial

Examples of a Ball & Socket Joint are found in the

A. Shoulder

B. Knee

C. Ankle

A hinge joint allows

A. A wide range of movements

B. Circumduction

C. Rotation

D. Movement in only one direction (ie. backwards & forwards)

Carpals and tarsals (flat bones) are examples of this type of joint

A. condyloid

B. gliding

C. hinge

D. saddle

The elbows, knees and phalanges are examples of this type of joint

A. ball and socket

B. condyloid

C. gliding

D. hinge

What is the slippery surface that cover the bones?

A. synovial membrane

B. synovial fluid

C. ligament

D. cartilage

Which one is a joint?

A. ankle

B. femur

C. skull

D. bicep

Hip and shoulder have examples of this type of joint

A. ball and socket

B. condyloid

C. hinge

D. gliding

True or False: muscles and bones work together to move your body.



What might happen if you snapped or tore one of your ligaments?

A. Your joints would not be able to move

B. Your bones would be in danger of breaking

C. Your joints might slide out of place easily

D. You would become double-jointed

Which type of joint gives you the largest range of motion?

A. Pivot joint

B. Ball-and-socket joint

C. Hinge joint

D. Gliding joint


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