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Ears Quiz


What causes the eardrum to vibrate and produce sound?

A. Nerve signals

B. Sound waves

C. small muscles

D. ossicles

What is the eardrum?

A. Bundle of nerves

B. a small muscle

C. small bones bound together

D. A thin piece of tightly stretched skin

E. All of these

Where is the eardrum located?

A. Outer ear

B. middle ear

C. inner ear

D. Vestibule

E. Cochlea

What two parts make up the inner ear?

A. pinna and eustachian tube

B. incus and vestibule

C. vestibule and Cochlea

D. eustachian tube and pinna

E. Cochlea and incus

What does the ear canal do?

A. Creates ear wax and Channels sounds from outside like a funnel

B. Helps with balance

C. Creates nerve signals to send to the brain

What is NOT the parts of the ear?

A. Outer ear

B. Vestibule

C. Middle ear

D. Inner ear

What do the hairs of the cochlea do?

A. create nerve signals

B. trap dirt and particles

C. make it look good

D. trap nutrients

E. trap oxygen

What are two other names for the outer ear?

A. Pinna and Auricle

B. Cochlea and Vestibule

C. Pinna and Eardrum

D. Vestibule and Cochlea

What is the small curled tube filled with liquid and hairs called?

A. vestibule

B. pinna

C. cochlea

D. auricle

E. stapes

What creates the ear wax?

A. Vestibular canal

B. Renal Canal

C. Ear canal

D. Cochlea

E. Wax ducts

What are the two main types of earwax?

A. dry and sticky

B. extra sticky, dry and flaky

C. extra dry

D. yellowy green


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