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Cardiovascular Adaptation Refresher Quiz


Resting HR may decrease as an athlete becomes fitter.



What is the correct formula to calculate ‘cardiac output’ ?

A. heart rate x stroke volume

B. stroke volume x respiration rate

C. heart rate x respiration rate

D. Tidal volume x stroke volume

A normal, healthy heart will demonstrate variability in it’s rhythm



What is the ‘typical’ cardiac output for a human athlete at rest?

A. 40 L/min

B. 5 L/min

C. 80 L/min

D. 1 L/min

What HR zone would be 60-70% of a persons maximum heart rate?

A. Zone 1

B. Zone 2

C. Zone 3

D. Zone 4

E. Zone 5

Endurance training results in little or no increase in oxygen uptake.



What is the correct term for the definition: ‘maximum pressure in arteries during LV Contraction’

A. Systole

B. Diastole

Strength training causes a substantial increase in oxygen output.



What is the correct term for ‘the amount of blood ejected from the heart in one contraction’

A. Cardiac Output

B. Stroke Volume

C. Vascular Resistance

D. Tidal Volume

What does a Psphygmomanometer measure?

A. Heart Rate

B. Respiration Rate

C. Blood Glucose

D. Blood Pressure

What is the correct calculation to work out a human athletes maximum heart rate?

A. 200 minus age

B. 220 minus weigh in kg

C. 220 minus age

D. 200 minus height in cm

What does ‘AV Block’ look like on an ECG?

A. QT Prolongation

B. T wave is missing

C. Prolonged P wave

D. irregular/fast heart rate

What does HRR stand for?

A. Heart rate resting

B. Heart rate recovery

C. Heart rate reloaded

D. Heart rate relative

What is the most accurate way to measure the blood pressure of a horse?

A. Doppler Ultrasound

B. Sphygmomanometer

C. Arterial Catheterisation

What is Q̇ used to denote ?

A. Tidal Volume

B. Stroke Volume

C. Pulmonary Resistance

D. Cardiac Output

Can Vo2MAX be increased using a training/exercise programme ?

A. Yes

B. No

What is Hypervolaemia?

A. increased plasma volume

B. increased red blood cells

C. Increased capillaries

D. increased veins

what is the correct term for this definition: ‘heart rate increases slowly over time (during long bouts of exercise)’

A. Cardiac Drift

B. Cardiac increase

C. Heart rate drift

D. Heart rate prolongation

What is ‘angiogenesis’?

A. Enlargement of existing arterial vessels and is effective for increasing bulk flow.

B. de novo (‘of new’) formation of new capillaries which facilitate exchange between blood and tissues.

When we begin exercise, which branch of the nervous system is activated?

A. Sympathetic

B. Parasympathetic (vagal)

What is the ‘typical’ stroke volume for an equine athlete at rest?

A. 50ml

B. 500ml

C. 1-2 Litres

D. 10 Litres


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